Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Self Diagnose Successfully

Self Diagnose Successfully

This is a really good article, outlining how to diagnose yourself and get the doctors to wake up. I should know, it took 17 years to find out what was wrong with me.

This blog was started to help me get down to the bottom of the whole mess. For years, I suspected out and out Cushings and while I was diagnosed with pseudo-Cushings in the vast endocrine array it was only one problem under the Lipedema stage IV umbrella. There is actually a Facebook website where one researcher is researching the multiple autoimmune diseases linked to Lipedema. I joined it, because it is the story of my life.  It seems us serious stage Lipedema people or Dercum's folks get other autoimmune diseases. Welcome to my psorasis, hyothyroidism, impending deafness etc, etc world. This website helped me feel less alone. Especially when some may ask, what isn't wrong with you?

I have a "new" problem to diagnose.  The doctor seems stumped by it and told me to have the dentist check things out but I keep getting these horrible mouth sores.  These aren't minor canker sores but repeating mouth sores that hurt so much, they can keep me up at night, and even bring tears to my eyes and last for days.  When the mouth sores come, I get very fatigued. They were really bad during one bout of flu in December but returned in full force last week.  I've had chills on and off all week and this extreme fatigue that is worsening. It probably was one factor in my fall.

 They are so bad that when I went to the dentist,  I had them do a cancer screen and they said they didn't find anything. The regular doctor diagnosed thrush but since drinking bottles of Nystatin seem to do little, and a diflucan dose, I'm wondering about other things. Along with the fatigue, chills, and sometimes waves of nausea that isn't as extreme, it seems to be getting worse. The mouth pain is never ending.   My tongue is very scalloped and large and is turning light white, but not the white "growths" of thrush. I ate some orange and vegetables, but my diet has sucked from being dependent on food pantry food, and took multivitamins in case it was a nutritional problem. The mouth sores crop up on the back of the tongue and the side of my mouth.

More and more people do have to diagnose themselves and research things. I do not know why medical schools have churned out doctors whose patients have had to seek self-diagnosis or taken years and years to figure out anything rare.  Nowadays you do have to research and find out what is wrong.


  1. Acid reflux can cause irritations to the gums and mouth. Do you have frequent heartburn? It's very common; even moreso in overweight people.

    1. Rarely, I had to give up drinking soda because it gives me acid. I wonder if it would make one's mouth break out? I'll look into this.

  2. Sorry you're having these troubles. I had some swelling of the tongue recently at night after eating something I guess gave me a mild allergic reaction. I say this because I took a spoonful of chlortimetron, and it went away immediately. I have used this miracle syrup for food allergy to protien with my delicate little dog, as well as early anaphylactic shock symptoms over frog foam in water dish etc. Your reaction sounds more complicated with the sores, but still sounds like a reaction. Also agree canned food is not a good idea for you based on delicate reactionary issues. Hope you get it worked out soon. I agree most doctors seem unwilling to put in the time to research. They have the same easy access we do, plus the additional knowledge one is supposedly paying for. It really pays to do your own, the "fact check" and discuss at appointment. Maybe that's what they've become use to. Of course, they don't like it if you inadvertently "show them up" which then becomes a challenge one does not care to face when already facing enough. Hope you get it sorted out soon.
    Our vet was going to have us with old everything from our little dog and slowly reinstate after I suggested I thought he was allergic to chicken, but I opted to go straight to a turkey based fog food and turkey burger. No more problems! It's been a year now. I arrived at this with his help, asking what we would do "if" then just went straight there.
    Sincerely, Michelle