Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Importance of Small Pleasures

Small pleasures always has kept me going. This is where I talk about how all the competition of our society is destroying joy in life. I'm dirt poor though we did manage to pay the bills this month. Really when I am broke, I miss some of the little things money can buy, but then I try to find FREE small pleasures like hanging out in the park, going to sit on the beach, and taking the bus to the library. Today my small pleasures will include going to this community church dinner where they will give us chili, and maybe drawing a cartoon or two. I need to call two friends too which if it doesn't happen today will be tomorrow. When sick in bed try and enjoy some youtube videos, or a free magazine from the library. The "competition" of pleasure like on Facebook in a way ruins it, where people "compete" for the "best vacation", and the "greatest time" I had. Sometimes the smaller stuff counts the most.


  1. Small pleasures are great! I had fun playing a new card game with my parents last night and having a piece of cherry pie.

    1. Yes they are. Glad you had fun with the new card game. Yum I haven't had cherry pie in a long time but it is good stuff. :)

  2. Well spoken, well said, as usual, my little Peep: I too have had to make do with a lot of smaller pleasures, as well. One thing I've tried to do late at night is take a break from whatever I'm working on, and make some time for reading. Even if it's a book I've read before...and, hey, now that I've sold off so many records, there's a bright side that hadn't hit me before: I have plenty of cassettes that I can listen to! :-) For all I know, I may come across some copies of those recently-sold albums. --Mr. Peep