Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Whitney Thore is Pregnant Supposedly

I watch My Fat Fabulous Life to post on it here, and don't consider myself a supporter of it. Last night's show was crazy even for scripted reality TV.  The show ended with Whitney Thore having a positive pregnancy test and also she told radio people she was interviewing with that she was pregnant. She's got TLC money and a house now, but how will a baby will fare with a mother that is so much into getting attention and acts like a teenager into her 30s?

 It bugged me when she said, she missed birth control pills and wasn't responsible. One can ovulate on rare occasions even with PCOS. I doubled-up on the birth control myself for years knowing I could not take care of a baby and health-wise I had been told by three doctors pregnancy would kill me. I was also taking Spironolactone for 15 years back then for PCOS, hormones AND congestive heart failure, and birth defects are so serious with this drug they require you to be on birth control while on it. I don't know if she is on that drug, I doubt it, but I know of two other women with PCOS assuming they could not get pregnant who didn't use birth control properly who got pregnant like her.

I had to go off birth control as I got older which most women have to do. I had the nightmare of regular periods returning after nearly 30 years, before I needed birth control or Provera to even induce or "have" a very light period. This unsettled me quite a bit. In fact four-five years ago doctors told me, after doing blood tests that I was in menopause! When periods came back and they were almost every month, doctors all made me get tests to make sure it wasn't uterine cancer but nope it was periods. Yes this confused me very much. My gynecologist told me to be careful of getting pregnant even though I was dealing with very low percentages considering my own PCOS and advanced age.

I believe doctors need to tell women with PCOS to use birth control just like they are normal women and to hedge their bets. I hear about too many getting pregnant who forgo birth control because they think they are completely infertile. If you read through my past posts, when I speak of my own infertility, I always wrote "almost infertile".  Doctors are setting up PCOS fat women for unwanted pregnancies if they don't make sure they understand the facts here.

That said, Whitney's choices in life bother me. There's a weird set up in the show, where her and her roommate are caught naked together by her parents, and supposedly she is getting a "massage" and comes racing out in a sheet. She risks pregnancy in bad relationship where the man has no commitment to her, or promise of marriage or marriage. From the start, I thought that guy just wasn't that into her. I don't want to sound judgmental because I know birth control can fail and it takes two to make a baby, but there definitely was a lack of responsibility here. She's kind of the TLC spokesperson for fat women with PCOS, now super-sized fat women and her narcissism and irresponsibility isn't helping our cause.

I find myself hoping she isn't really pregnant, and this is just a reality show ploy. 


  1. I hope she isn't pregnant, too...pity the poor child if she is!

    1. me too. I pity that poor child too. I do think Whitney has massive narcissitic traits, I am unsure if she is malignant though I got kind of weirded out from her calling this one woman a "b&tch" just for taking over her dance class when she was absent. That could be script too but if denoted typical behavior it was scary.

      I see Whitney as barely able to take care of herself. [severe obesity makes life far harder whatever the cause] bringing an infant into that is not a good scene. When I was young I did tons of childcare and daycare so had no illusions about the amount of work involved so maybe it served as a greater warning to keep the birth control in order, but as far as her being a mother I worry the most about the narcissism.

  2. Someone posted a screen grab of the sonogram and there is no baby there. It looks like a polycystic ovary. And if she wasn't pregnant and is still posting the tests after the episode aired and tellig everyone she was pregnant than she has sunk to a new low and that is just wrong!

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    1. Understand. The more I watched the more worried I got. Sometime I get frustrated because certain personalities overpopulate on TV.

  4. Her Parents will have to come out of retirement to take care of her baby