Friday, January 13, 2017

Good and Bad Childhoods

This video simplifies things, but makes clear the influence of narcissistic parenting. The foundation of being able to see yourself as a valuable person in a competitive world, laid in a good childhood can make a lot of difference in a life. I don't agree with warning everyone, keep that to the closest people. I like the picture where they show the grown up guy leading his little self out, basically saying, "you didn't deserve that."


  1. I'm not sure if watching this video would be very triggering, and maybe that is what a lot of us feel too. Just the picture alone is very scary and terrifying, so I think I'll leave it alone, for now.

    The world is increasingly very competitive, and it seems like our narcissistic parents led us here on purpose. Or maybe they are being instructed by their higher power, which is Satan. When I try to peel out of my own self, there is this huge gap, there has to be a self that we trust, and that we own to begin with. And we were taught to not trust ourselves, or that we don't even have a self.

    1. It was kind of triggering maybe I should have warned. Sorry about that. This world is all competition now, law of the jungle, the narcissistic parents set us up to fail. I think Satan put them up to it. Yes they deny us as people or us even having a "self".