Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Calling People "SnowFlakes"

I saw this discussion on an ACON message board, and I agree with it.

"I just want to discuss the newest buzzword I see everywhere around me.
Sometimes accompanied by "Special" making it "Special snowflakes".
I see it everywhere and it is so demeaning and triggering for me. This term is typically being thrown at people who are voicing an opinion or speaking with empathy about a subject, and it just kills me to see people throwing this around. It's just a stab at you to say "Hey, you, with the feelings. Yea you. You don't deserve to have them because... NEWS FLASH, you don't matter."
I just want to say to everyone seeing this awful name, you do matter. Your feelings matter. Your opinions matter. And when someone calls you a "special snowflake" for voicing your feelings, it is because they are insecure within themselves and are desperately seeking to make their reality feel safe for them at your expense because your feelings threaten their sense of self.
You are special snowflakes, but in that you are beautiful individuals, you are valid, and you are an important part of the whole snowfall."

"Snowflake" became a sneering term on many "Conservative" and "Alt-Right" websites. They seemed to lob that one at millennials a lot. It is used to shut up very economically oppressed millennials. "What do you mean you actually want a job that pays the rent, shut yer trap, you whiner and weakling!" is the whole message behind this term. While some take identity politics too far, how does it help, for "snowflake" to be used as a term to call someone "weak" and "whiner" and to invalidate their feelings.

I've noticed a Hunger Games hatred of emotions that is growing in our society.  This term is from the "Buck up or Die" Brigade and growing in way too much popularity. It is a sign of growing narcissism in society when people are told "You are so weak!" in various ways whenever they express emotions or concerns.

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