Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Fattening Up of the World In China

As I have written on this blog for years, ever notice when American food is exported obesity comes with it? The food additives are making people fat. It is not like everyone decided "Oh I am going to overeat and become fat" Now that Chinese children are becoming fat too, something is really wrong.
So is China going to go the way of America, becoming "body conscious" while being fattened up by design?


  1. There is MSG in almost every processed food sold in the US (often hidden under the term "Natural Flavoring"). We all know that some people have a strong reaction and can not eat MSG, but everyone else is lead to believe it's safe.

    If a scientist wants to test anything having to do with obesity or weight loss they often use mice. There is a scientific protocol for how to make mice fat (since fat mice are not common), they "induce obesity" by treating the thin mice with MSG (there are actual instructions on MSG Induced Obesity in Mice). In one study the mice were injected with MSG, some of the mice died but..."Of the survivors, 90% or more became markedly obese." (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1106764). It shouldn't be surprising that America is getting fatter, we are following the directions to induce obesity with every bite we eat.

    1. Yes I exposed the fact that they use MSG to fatten up rats in the lab.

      Sad to say in China, I think they will still play the blame the victim game.

      This is one reason the poor are fatter in America too, the processed stuff is cheaper.