Thursday, October 6, 2011

We Swim in a Sea Of Chemicals

Please read this book:

I am mid-way through it, and already astounded, I had wondered where all the lightening bugs and inch worms of my youth went, and was thinking about that the other day. It may be the chemically treated lawns, that basically kills everything off including the earthworms.

Even the plastic containers we are eating, drinking, and storing our food in haven't been tested for safety and are full of chemicals, that are already deemed harmful to human beings. I had worried about the bad habit I had of microwaving left overs in this plastic bowl instead of getting out the heavier glass ones. Then there is problems with food itself and what is being added, chemicals leaching from lining on cans. He addresses the concerns about endocrine disruptors.

Here is a book review:

We all know by now — don’t we? — that many of the synthetic chemicals in our food, personal-care and cleaning products, toys and household goods are harming not just the environment but ourselves. Body-burden tests, for measuring exposure to chemicals, reveal flame retardants, plasticizers, pesticides and perfluorinated chemicals in the blood of almost every person studied. We see rising rates of some cancers, autoimmune disorders, reproductive illnesses, autism and learning disabilities. Meanwhile, our consumption of synthetic chemicals, a majority of which haven’t been tested for human health impacts, has skyrocketed. A growing number of books make the case that these phenomena are linked.

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