Thursday, October 6, 2011

Craving Salt

Why am I craving salt so badly?

I want to eat tons of pickles. I ate a few dill pickles the last few days but bloated. They make me feel less pukey when digestion is acting up. I seriously FEEL better when I eat a bit of salt. I noticed on my last labs my chloride was running low but that could be from water pills. The doctors seem to be overlooking this. They probably see me as some addled fat woman who wants to lick out the potato chip bag. Well first of all I am allergic to potatoes and second of all while I like the olives, the pickles come first and they are very low in calories.

Sometimes I think they tell over-play the salt is bad for you thing...What if that is another deception? You know the same kind of logic that poured fluoride into the nation's drinking water? You know what is funny, you read about the pioneers and others, and they are eating sauerkraut, things marinated in salt to preserve them--beef jerky, dried salmon and more and no one died of too much salt. Could salt really be that bad?


  1. LOL, salt is NOT bad for you. It's the carbs that make you crave salt to balance out the electrolytes in the excess water in your body. It's the carbs that cause the retention of excess water in the first place. reduce carbs=reduced bloating and salt cravings. It is a deception just like the "fat is bad for you" myth.

  2. More and more I am questioning the no salt thing, I feel sick if I do not have ENOUGH salt. I do eat a lot of pickles and olives. Yes I wonder about the carbs connection Kate.

  3. Second comment, Peep! I have fibromyalgia, which I believe is a combination of untreated hypothyroidism and adrenal issues. When your adrenals are exhausted, you become a salt waster and have a hard time retaining sufficient sodium. I currently take two salt tablets with breakfast and two with supper, more if I am outdoors and sweating heavily. We don't eat much processed food and salt our food at the table, but we're both salt freaks -- my husband salts his pizza with anchovies on it.

  4. Hmm I have wondered about my adrenals with the craving of salt. Around 2000, I was diagnosed with hyperadolsteronism, to the point they did adrenal scans on me. I had 7 times the adrenal hormones. I think the adrenals are dying out. Always wondered if this was the end road to untreated Cushings? Do you then go Addisonian? Well I'm still fat and most of those people become thin. I am not surprised that hypothyroidism leads to adrenal issues and retaining sufficient sodium. I feel better if I eat enough salt, the whole low salt thing doesn't do it for me. Of course with the swelling and water retention I can't go to town but I feel sick on a low salt diet, and what you have written seems to tell me why....I try those more wholesome salts, celtic, etc, the big salts they sell in the store from time to time.