Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hormone Orexin May Control Weight Gain

Hey I say all the time the thin people's bodies work differently. This backs up my theory.

Hormone-Orexin May Help Control Weight Gain Study Finds

That lucky friend of yours — the one who barely gains weight when eating the same things you eat, even though your waistline expands — might have a hormone called orexin to thank.

A new study shows that mice deficient in orexin, which is produced in the brain, gained more weight when fed the same high-fat diet as mice that weren't deficient in the hormone.

Supplementing this hormone may be one way to help people lose weight, the researchers suggested, though the new findings are preliminary.

The hormone helps stave off weight gain because it's involved in the body's production of brown fat, which burns calories rather than storing them as white fat does, the study showed.

"Without orexin, mice are permanently programmed to be obese. With it, brown fat is activated and they burn more calories," said study researcher Devanjan Sikder, an assistant professor in Sanford-Burnham Research Institute, in Lake Nona, Fla.

The study is published today (Oct. 4) in the journal Cell Metabolism

It is interesting too how it is brained based. They better be careful with this one because it influences sleep and arousal states too.

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