Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why Denmark Why?

"Denmark Imposes Fat Tax"

Don't they know the low fat nonsense made everyone in America fatter? Higher fat food suppresses the appetite longer and takes longer to break down. There are healthy fats out there too. So the crackers and cereals and everything bloating people up will be cheaper. I thought over in Europe they were a little bit more "with it" with their banning of growth hormones and lawn chemicals. Hope they don't give the ones over here more ideas.

Copenhagen, Denmark) -- It's the world's first "fat tax." People in Denmark will now pay more for fatty foods.

Store shelves are stripped bare of butter, margarine and cream as Danes stocked up on their favorite fatty foods ahead of a fat tax that went into effect this past weekend.
"A customer bought 30 packets of margarine. Another costumer had ten to twelve packets of butter in his basket. These are goods that can be frozen down so those are hoarded right now," says Rene Stuhr, a food shop manager in Copenhagen.

Foods containing more than two-point-three percent of saturated fat now cost more in Denmark.
A small package of butter is about 50 cents more, half a kilo of cheese about 40 cents extra and a bag of potato chips 12 cents more.

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