Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What is wrong with a FAT CURE?

I am not talking about turning everyone anorexic, but the size acceptance and fat acceptance crowd seem to be angry at me for desiring a fat cure that works. In fact it infuriates them.

As they hit their block buttons or erase my posts or tell me to go away, I have seen that complaint time and time again, "Five Hundred Pound Peep, wants a fat cure! How dare she!".

Hey the world of the midsized where fatness means having to buy your cute clothes at a special store and maybe getting a bit huffy on the third set of stairs, really can't relate to my world.

IF they came up with a fat cure, one that worked and didn't kill, maim, include torture, severe hunger, and worked in the long term, I'd be on it like a mouse on the biggest piece of cheddar cheese. Who could blame me?

They are crazy if they think someone at my weight and who has been near 700lbs, is going to sing the praises of fat

So wonder fat people have it so hard now.....caught between these two ends...


  1. I had a huge post here and Wordpress ate it. Basically, I agree with you. I'd rather be 300 pounds than 400, just due to physical restrictions.

  2. Thanks for your input. I think they expect us larger folks to be delusional to go with their "party" lines. Who know maybe it is built in "rules" to make sure the supersized steer clear and do not show the truth too evidently about what obesity means in it's extreme forms.

  3. Oh no question, a cure would be awesome. Beyond awesome! But what's wrong with learning to love oneself and get on with living one's life in the meantime? I'm not gonna sit around and bemoan the fact that I'm fat, I'm gonna live my life. If a cure comes along, sure I'll be all over that in a heartbeat, but I'm not holding my breath for one. I'm too busy for that. 420lbs here, btw... Lifelong fat girl, too. Not a newcomer to it or anything like that.

  4. I think that is a commendable attitude. yes live your life, and love yourself the best you can. I entered the art of fat though where "living my life" kind of fell by the wayside. It is hard to be "busy", when you have to lay down so much. Of course in my case I got diagnosed with lipedema stage IV, just acouple months ago explaining a lot of what I am going through. I think it is better to live the best life you can.

  5. LOL Freudian slip? Art of fat, was supposed to be area of fat. :P