Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Please suggest websites HERE

I want my readers to suggest some fat blogs and other places where independent thinkers are wanted and where one can disagree with aspects of fat acceptance but not be censored or told to shove off, in ten different ways. It's not like I am going to go hang out on a Weight Watchers forum. I am tired of the same Kool-Aid drinkers over and over. I want a place where I can discuss obesity freely as MYSELF without having to subscribe to the party line and where I can have discussions with real people not just shrill ideologues. This blog does have multiple thousands of page views a month and it's growing, so I know people are reading out there. There has to be some options between the LOSE WEIGHT OR YOU STINK crowd and the FAT IS GREAT DELUSION PARTY....



  1. Have you found yet? It was started when Atchka was kicked out of the Fatosphere for not toeing the party line, and they positively encourage debate.

  2. I can't remember exactly now - I think it was talking about dieting for health reasons, not to lose weight. Fierce Fatties positively encourage differing viewpoints so I hope you wouldn't be castigated if you joined discussions there.