Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Families From Wealthier Suburbs Able to Afford More Exercise"

I got this from the fatlotofgood blog.

"families from wealthier suburbs exercise more says social media"

Especially considering that study of poor vs wealthier neighborhoods, and how it affected people's weight, this is an interesting one too. If you have more money, you can purchase more leisure, afford sports, afford the travel to go hiking, etc. You also have the dependable transportation to make all this happen. I know thin families where the kids are on sports teams here in America, and the travel and expenses are immense.

So this won’t surprise anyone. Of course kids from wealthier households are more likely to do gymnastics, swimming club, ballet, soccer, hockey and all the other organised sports kids can participate in these days. Of course parents are more likely to be gym members, play tennis, have a round of golf or try yoga or pilates if they have the disposable income, time, childminding etc to do so. It doesn’t take Einstein to work this out.

It also doesn’t take Einstein to work out that more well to do neighbourhoods will have environments that are more conducive to outdoor activity (i.e. walking trails, bike paths, sports grounds, parks etc). Not only can families with lower incomes ill afford for kids to participate in pricey extra curricular activities but they also need the ability to transport kids to such activities and a parent or guardian who isn’t at work to take said children to said activities. Not to mention the parents themselves need the time and energy (as well as cash) to participate in organised physical activity. But I guess they need to do these studies to prove it beyond all doubt.

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