Monday, October 31, 2011

Fat Doctor Makes Fun of Fat Patients

"Penn doctor endures fallout over fat jokes"

I am glad this guy got confronted and he backed down. It is time people say "This ends now!" He never would dare make fun of any other medical problem. Even with the apology, I never would take him for a doctor. Who wants someone who looks down on you? Sadly these humor articles by doctors trashing the fat are nothing new. I wrote about another article I saw.....

I loved this quote:

"The last place an obese person should feel scared to go is a doctor's office, yet that's one of the top places where obesity bias is prevalent," said James Zervios, communications director for Obesity Action Coalition, the Florida-based advocacy group that marshaled protest last week after learning of Kelly's column.

Physician David L. Katz, a nutrition expert who founded Turn the Tide Foundation in 2007 to fight the obesity epidemic, has taken his colleagues to task for blaming weight struggles on the strugglers.

"Have you noticed that two-thirds of American adults and a rapidly rising proportion of the global population are overweight or obese?" Katz wrote in a recent Huffington Post column. "Has it not occurred to you that something larger than the will power or motivation of an individual might be in play?"

I believe doctor hatred of fat people is a risk to us. I am facing some issues lately where a doctor is not listening, and it's a specialist, who even ignored my parathyroid issues. He is the only specialist of his type in town, so now I may be forced to figure out a way to travel an hour, to see another doctor. He is good in treating one illness but ignores everything else. This is the guy that constantly berates me to get weight loss surgery. I really think some of these doctors do not see fat people as human. Some are not that smart in my opinion because they keep stupidly blaming the fat people which really is what accounts for the horrible failure in treating obesity.

I am actually getting scared for my wellbeing, thinking I may be now facing something really bad, that is not being dealt with [it involves intermittant severe abdominal pain, digestive issues and now kidney stones], because they just want to push me off as another supposedly overeating fat woman. I thought about doing a blog post on this, but will just mention it here, because it's scary and I do not know what is wrong. It could be nothing but then it could be something. It is sad when you have to read the Merck manual to figure out what is wrong with you while doctors sit around and drool. I have found my own doctor anxiety getting pretty high lately. I did get transfered to a new general doctor but do not know him yet to know how that will pan out. I am hoping he is smart and not prejudiced, and that he will be one of the good ones. I really need a good one right now.

Trust me even if you have already been diagnosed with endocrine issues, many of them do not want to listen to you. They act like auto mechanics, this one because my diabetic A1c score got back down to 6.7 has ignored other serious medical complaints. They knock you down to the lowest common denominator. I have to make phone calls today looking for a new specialist. My own father died being undiagnosed by them. Watching the guy from Philadelphia yuck it up is offensive beyond belief to me. I am at the point, I will have to order all my medical records and try to put the puzzle pieces together MYSELF, AGAIN.

Sometimes I ask myself: What is wrong with these people? Maybe medical school means money now and not intelligence for many of them. [Sorry to the few good doctors I have seen in this life time, but I am tired of the stupid ones]

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  1. i saw my yoga teacher, actually make fun of his new, very huge fat student,right in front of the class.he thought he was being funny,not insulting,by making fun of her walk.He was a nice guy,i was so surprised; but he was so unsure,i think,of how to handle the new,very fat student,he tried to joke with her,and it did just the opposite.she didn't seem offended.but i was.

    i know he was embarrassed,(she was black,too,in an all-white class)and could not figure out how to handle he screwed it up. she quit,later, cause she did not seem to be able to put up with the discomfort of stretching. too bad, cause it is painful at first, for someone heavier. they needed classes for over-weight yoga, cause it's just not the same. it's harder.