Friday, October 21, 2011

Fat Smack: Against Sugary Drinks

Tell me what you think of this website, "FAT SMACK"

its by the Boston Public Health Commission.

I wonder about all the thin people pictured, being beaned in the head by what appear to be literal hunks of fat, that is kind of gross.

They are right about something being wrong with so many people basically drinking empty liquid calories.

I even wonder about diet soda, about it having no calories. Is that true? It doesn't seem to help the problem either.


  1. I'm a fat person and I wouldn't want to be hit in the head by flying fat! Fortunately we fatties don't just suddenly lose chunks of fat most of the time so everyone is safe! ;-)
    I shared your blog on a Facebook group that I'm part of, the Horror Harridans Writing Sisterhood.
    Diet soda is actually very unhealthy. It's sweetened with nasty, ugly stuff. Splenda really is not any better than the other things. It may be "made from sugar," but it only has one molecule in common with sugar. In my case I was drinking a lot of drinks made with Splenda and it made my blood pressure and heart rate shoot way up. I did a search to see if this was happening to anyone else, and sure enough it's not as uncommon as one might think!

  2. LOL me either. Thanks for sharing my blog appreciate it.

    Yeah Diet Soda stinks, ever accidentally leave any on a hot car dashboard, it smells just like Flormaldehyde. That can't be good for the body. Splenda has chlorine in it, I posted about that one. Glad you got off that stuff and realized where the bad affects were coming from!