Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Banning Soda

New York City seeks to ban big sodas from restaurants, food carts

Can they ban the crummy food too? Hey don't give them any ideas. Soon they'll ban fat people from buying any extra food.

Actually I see this as more "nanny government" taking away all the pop and soda from the bad "fatties", even though I have seen lots of skinny people who drink that stuff too.

I gave up soda except for a couple glasses a week, if that, because I started worrying about all the chemicals and I realized it made me more thirsty. I thought why am I wasting my time drinking this stuff? Of course I drank diet, trying to avoid sugar fits, but then Aspartame is some scary stuff.

Does the government actually plan to SOLVE the obesity problems by outlawing foods, as if adults were children?

Of course they will never deal with the issue of all our adulterated food or the modern American life which leads to bad health in itself.

I hope the market at least forces more good choices. Let the local and slow food movements expand! This whole industrial food system where everything is trucked in from a million miles away, is bound for failure and ill health.

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