Thursday, June 14, 2012

No One Chooses Obesity: Obesity Chooses Them; The Skinny on Fat: Part 1

If only it had not chosen me! LOL

No one chooses obesity; obesity chooses them notes Robert Lustig, MD

I plan to watch all the episodes of this but will be dealing with them, one by one.

Lustig asks "Did everyone just become a bunch of gluttons and sloths?"

Good question. No they DID NOT! Until the powers that be figure that out, then nothing will be done that will work.

He then adds

"If it was just glutton and sloths how do you explain obesity in 6 month olds?

Would you call them glutton and sloths?

This goes far beyond personal responsibility!"

Remember this article I posted?  

"Animals and 6-Month-Old Infants Are Getting Fatter … Which Mean that It’s Something In the Environment"

He talks about how this statement "a calorie is a calorie" has become a dogma that ignores endless things

They cover the things I've talked about on this blog, about what is causing all the obesity, high fructose corn syrup, antibiotics, fast food, etc.

He talks about the worse things about American modern life. He adds in information about the cheap global fast food diet. It is designed to taste good and keep people eating. This has spread everywhere. Every new nation that these fast food restaurants end up in, the people start getting fat.

One lady adds, we have had the perfect storm with restricted activity, chemicals we don't know what we have been exposed to and it's all working together. They talk about how the fat free stuff impacted people and led for more eating of sugar.

 They are right about the bad food being more easily accessible.

Lustig talks about metabolic syndrome that includes several diseases, and says they have it wrong about those things being caused by obesity instead of obesity being a marker for those things and talks about how widespread these things are, now in 60% of the United States. His statistic about how these diseases are hitting the NEWLY developing world is astonishing, and that these things now beat the rates from infectious diseases.

"Something is going wrong here" he adds.

That's for sure!

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