Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why aren't there MORE treatment centers for the very obese?

See some obesity rehab centers here...[some are nursing home based and others are not]
See here,

Here is another list: [check out this physical therapist's website--he specializes in helping the very overweight, it is a good one]

What is that NINE or TEN for the entire nation? And even then they are limited to a few states. What if you do not live near any of these places?

I think about how there are endless centers for those who are drug addicts and alcoholics, but there is a smattering of obesity rehabs, where one can count them nationwide on your fingers. My particular state doesn't even have an obesity rehab. That said, they really will only take people who are total nursing home material. I am close, but can still shower myself, cook a meal and all that. Who wants to be in a nursing home unless forced to be? But then I wonder why there is so much treatment for other illnesses and so little for obesity? Maybe there would have been more advances with MORE treatment.

If all the politiicans and others really cared about the obesity epidemic, there would be special gyms, and centers for fat people to go to state wide. There would be specialists to deal with it all. Maybe because they have failed in the treatment? Hey getting help out there is very hard. I even called the local bariatric guy who takes no insurance to take me pro-bono acouple years ago offering him, some writing and good advertisement if he had some success with me. He turned me down flat.

While obesity has many different causes, wouldn't it serve fat people to have a place to go and for them to have their medical and other issues dealt with? They could analyze who has the endocrine problems, who has psychological eating issues/saiety- insulin resistant issues or even those who have other physiological issues impacting their weight.

I've offered myself up to researchers and more, remember I had help getting the PCOS diagnosed by a medical writer and journalist who was known nation-wide that I befriended.

For years I have wondered why I wonder why are there literally 10s of thousands of centers for those dealing with difficulty with drugs and alcohol [hundreds state by state] and a pittance of obesity centers in this nation? I don't begrudge people who need the substance abuse centers, I am glad help is out there for them, but what about those struggling with severe obesity?

Anyone else got any ideas about this?

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