Monday, June 18, 2012

Skinny Girl Tells Us She is Fat!

I don't mind thinner friends who tell me they'd rather lose an extra 30 plus pounds. I am realistic enough to know that means better mobility and them noting the small losses in average size land. There is a difference with life at 130lbs compared to 180lbs.  I have warned even my smaller size friends, know life changes when you enter from the high100s into 200s land and for the more midsized into the 300s or the 400s. That is just reality. But when you see a normal thin sized woman, write something like this, and well it's so common, they are coming from the self flagellation that is so promoted by this society. It's very SAD to watch. You think about the young girls wasting their lives and having their happiness ruined by this stuff.

This reminds me of the women who exlaim "I am faaaat!" usually with an audience. Yeah we all dealt with them especially when we were younger. Girl with barely a pound of extra flesh, tells us, she is FAT and starts on a soliquoy of self-loathing.Ironically, what is sad, is usually these types such as many perky cheerleader types in my high school always made sure to always exclaim this around a group of larger women and out and out fat people. Sometimes it can be about drawing attention to one's self, sometimes really they are caught up in the "I'm too fat" nightmare. What else fuels all the serious eating disorders out there?

I got this article from the cowcake blog..."I'm Fat and I'm Not Okay With It"

She calls her arms fat when they are muscular. Not everyone is meant to have stick arms.
What is sad, is she is a product of this society, one that constantly hammers the weight quotient, for control over women. I mean after all if you have most women caught up in personal vanity, they make better consumers to profit off of. They will sell more failed diets, make-up, special foods, etc. It definitely is part of the poison of this society.

Reading over her story it sounds like she had a mother who was very over-focused on appearances, giving your children nothing but pureed broccoli to eat for a week is NOT OK, and that this has sadly included mocking and worse. Sadly that does happen out there. Fat hatred is the norm for our society, I have friends who have weighed only 140lbs{I wish!} and had programmed parents comment on their "fat butts", "thunder thighs" and the rest. I talked about on this blog, how I was in shock, HOW NORMAL I was at the age of 14, being told at 6 feet tall simply how "horribly obese" I was, and seeing some photo albums and thinking "oh my goodness, I wasn't that far from normal! How could they! I was beautiful!"

Honey, you are NOT FAT!

I'm fat! Not you. When you don't have to worry about your legs rubbing in the middle, you have not entered fat land. You are a normal sized person.

Do yourself a favor, and question what they are telling you. Your family has hang ups about weight that are massive don't get sucked into their abyss! They have women way too focused on their appearance. There are other things in life that are far more important. Free yourself from this stuff.

All I got to say in conclusion, the evil stuff when it comes to obesity and fatness, it goes across the board in suffering even for thin women. There is little reason out there anymore when it comes to fatness or obesity.


  1. My mother is a size 4. She weighs about 95lbs at 5'7". I have been able to pick her up since I was 9, and even with my bad back, I can still carry her like a little kid (which we've both been forced to admit has come in handy when she's been ill). Even at 65, she has a great figure. And she is constantly saying she's 'fat'.

    Damn it! I'm fat. I'm 5'4" and 275. When I hear Mum going on and on about how she considers herself fat, I think to myself "Do I even want to know what you think I am if you believe you're fat?' Likely not.

    She's always been a fat-phobe. She tried to break up a relationship I had with a guy who happened to be fat. Whenever she saw some news story covering a fat person or saw someone out in public who's fat, she always made nasty, negative, hateful comments, even after I got to be around the same weight as some of those people. I finally told her how hateful she sounded and how bad her comments made me feel, and she has been better about it. Not perfect.. I know those attitudes are still there, even if they're not being voiced.. but better.

    Every time I see some scrawny little stick-bug bemoaning how 'fat' she is, I get the enormous urge to moon her...

  2. That had to be hard for you to have such a small and thin mother who did not understand having weight problems and who sadly has been indoctrinated into calling herself fat. How can someone under a 100lbs be fat. There is just no way. I know I tired myself of stick thin people doing this and by the way, I have been there standing by them in my 500lb glory whining "I am faaattttt!" Sometimes I have said something othertimes I just blocked it out. That is sad she tired to break up a relationship you had with a fat man. Yes being fat and around someone who is a fat phobe is very tough. I heard some of those like comments too, "They let themselves go", they are disgusting, "don't you know how fat you are getting!--said during my weight gain. Irony of ironies, some of the mean messages I heard were from people who had far more food then me and ate more. LOL about mooning one. Yeah I do think they all learned to do this as a social status thing...whose can pretend they are fat while being the thinnest in the room. It is one of those things that makes me cynical about huanity.