Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fat Kids Are Bad at Math?

I found this kind of funny, since my midsized overweight father, was a computer-math-physics whiz and probably would have more then qualified for Mensa membership. My bad health has affected many areas of my functioning for today, but when I was in school, and into my 20s, I used to hit the top 1-5% on various IQ and academic tracking tests.

Childhood Obesity Affects Math Performance

"Obesity that persists across the elementary school years has the potential to compromise several areas of children's development, including their social and emotional well-being and academic performance," said Sara Gable, associate professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at University of Missouri and lead author of the study.
In addition to the math performance findings, obese children reportedly felt sadder, lonelier and more anxious than kids of healthier weights. Researchers said this emotional well being also could contribute to their poorer performances in math.

Math was never my favorite subject, though new math of the 1970s didn't help.

What next saying fat kids get bad grades? Fat people are less intelligent? [I fear the last one is where they want to push people]. I mean this seems another 'study" meant to help cement those views that fat people are less intelligent. Take it from me, when you are supersized people expect lower intelligence. It's one of those other subtle prejudices out there.

How's that supposed to make the kids do better?

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