Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Enjoying Life

I was able to bolster myself up from the other day, I went and just had some "fun", I bought myself some comics--I enjoy various comics--think American Splendor not super-heros, visited a relative, this relative is good about keeping contact with me, sat outside, visited a new library, went to lunch with a friend, visited with another friend. I prayed too, and God always helps me as well in terms of getting a new perspective. My good friends help too.  I told one friend, "Well let's just try and enjoy life and see what we can make of it while here." I do not want to let the fat/medical/ blah blah stuff wear me down so I am depressed. What is the use of it all? What will that gain but give me more stress worsening my health?  It's better to accept what one can control and can't control. I take psychology self-help books with a grain of salt but this one helped me some years ago, in that he was realistic about weight issues. and it gave a fair minded assessment of it all. What do I have to "prove" to anyone? God will know what I eat, didn't do or not, or how hungry or not I felt. One wants to enjoy life while they are here, and make something of it.

I have decided there is a project I want to work on and get finished, it involves art, cartooning and my life as a superfat woman, done from a humorous side. Perhaps I will share some of my comics on this blog too. I have a character based on myself I've been drawing for 12 years. It helped me survive mentally even drawing this character, think of it as "self" art-therapy. Years ago, I did art therapy for part of a job, it is a field I really enjoyed.

I have realized I need to let some of the "drudge" stuff go and not always feel stressed out by responsiblity and trying to "fix" everything. With the medical stuff, I am  dealing with what I can. Also there are other people to help. I did get my letter done to a local store asking them to help access for the disabled. I will tell you of the results there. There are poems to be written and typed out too for my next poetry event.

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