Thursday, October 22, 2015

So Why Do You Think Fat is a CHOICE?

I read this over on Fat Logic. I don't post anymore since I am banned. These are the people who are standing against the fat and advancing the false answers. It is probably the nemesis board to this blog. LOL Hey if I am going to affect any thinking I have to research the "other side". Warning there is graphic medical descriptions and of severe obesity in the post.

I took care of a "Death Fat".

I want to ask the smug and thin on that board why do they think anyone would CHOOSE to be that way? That's the thing, I don't get about these people, they think being fat is a choice. And stupidly think some exercise and perfect eating will make people thin.

 I'm actually scared to eat because of my diabetes, I lowered my caloric intake even MORE, and I don't see any weight coming off. It could be. I am able to walk faster and better while on the walker for balance and can now do small stores and other places which were IMPOSSIBLE for years but then I had shock of my life last time I was weighed and I was the exact same. If my COPD acts up it does affect my walking, and I went walking along a train station the other day hacking up my lungs. So one question for this nurse, why on earth do you think that man would CHOOSE that? Who would want to SUFFER like THAT?

I was in the extreme fat death category, nearly 700lbs and was so fat I could not breathe. There was a two year period where I could not even lay flat and gasped for air at night in bed. I weighed 508 three months ago. I have gone as low as 450lbs and was 480lbs 2 years ago. This was all via medical care. This means I have lost technically at one point almost 250lbs. I know what it is even to struggle with pressure sores. I have never lost my mobility but many severely fat people do. I fight for mine everyday. I never wanted to be this fat. I didn't choose it. It sucks, everyday I wake up and wish I had a normal body. Some may say but "Peep you have four conditions that affect obesity, your body is full of fluids and altered fat cells even from stage IV Lipedema."  How do we know that man doesn't have something wrong with him like I do? Maybe he is undiagnosed. Obviously something is wrong with him!

The dieting crap doesn't work. The exercise crap doesnt work. I exercise to stay mobile. One knee injury or a fall could take me out and I know it. This man is fat enough where this is not a "dieting" issue. I am fortunate in the area, most medical professionals do treat me with dignity and respect. In fact replacing the medical care I have here, if we  end up moving is a huge concern.  It scares me a nurse is so narrow-minded about what the human body can do. The ones who think like this nurse scare me. No one's body is operating normally when they are 700lbs. Obviously on this blog, I do not agree with fat acceptance that says being fat is something good.

Their hatred of super-fat people is scary, and it's all based in this lie that super obesity is a choice.

Fat Logic Useful Idiots for the Fat Gulag

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