Monday, June 29, 2015

Fat Logic: "UsefuI Idiots" for the Fat Gulag

Reddit got rid of some of it's worse fat haters subboards, and banned fat-hate.  Perhaps the threat of lawsuits for harassment, insults and worse frightened them off, but one board called Fat Logic still prevails and has not been banned. I support free speech so the issue of them being banned is not my main one but want to examine what purpose boards like this have served.

Fat Logic and boards like it are propaganda boards with many useful idiots for the diet industrial oppressors to keep the truth about obesity oppressed. One main way they operate is basically labeling all fat people as liars and overeating pigs.

Actually one odd thing about these fat-hater boards, is some of what they say about size acceptance is the same as I have said. A few years ago, my own blog was the only place I saw questioning HAES. Some segments of the size acceptance population are ideologues who deny the real health price of obesity and the realities many fat people especially super-sized face. I have warned of the two sides of the coin, how America grows more ill and fat as the diet industrial complex denies the realities of metabolism and extreme factions of size acceptance denies the health-limiting realities of severe obesity. Fat Logic repeats these themes but sadly instead of desiring truth, go with the usual "Diet or Die!" lies and add in a giant dose of fat bigotry to accompany their mental refusals to examine the issue with any actual and real logic.

Years ago when I wrote my anti-HAES article, I had this thought, that there would be a back-lash against the extreme ideologues who ignored the health realities of fat. In some ways, reading these boards, one got the feeling the class and health divides of the obese vs. the naturally thin had only grown like a chasm.

Just like I have warned on this blog against the dance and theatre show of Republican vs. Democrat or Right vs. Left, the Hegelian dialectic for you more informed types, that same dance show continues when it comes to obesity. As I wrote in my 2012 article: "Seeing Through the Obesity Lies", these things have only grown worse, and the fat-hater bigot reddit boards are evidence of this.

I wrote: "Even in the fat world, we got the two sides just like we have the two fake parties advancing globalism and the dismantling of the America economy when it comes to obesity we have "the good cop" side of extreme "size acceptance"--"learn to love your fat, accept your new fat reality and be happy about it" vs. the "bad cop" Diet industrial complex: "You obese people are lazy sloths and gluttons and responsible for your horrible bodies gone amuck!".

One thing with obesity, there's too many that have vested interests in keeping the profits flowing in the answers that fail. They want to label all fat people as liars, and this is what the fat logic board does. Like all bigots, they label their chosen category of person as always lying. Being fat alone means you will not be believed on fat logic. They will use names to dehumanize the fat person even further like calling them ham planets. If these people truly cared about health and well-being of individuals, they would take a look around them and ask, "Why are people getting so sick and fat?" instead of running to bigotry and the answers that have failed. It's obvious American people especially those in lower socio-economic groups are growing fatter and more ill. I am old enough to remember when severe obesity was rare. Physiologically, this idea that people "choose" to be severely obese is one of insanity when 40% of the population is fat.

In the fat logic world, eating healthy and "exercising" means you will automatically be a healthy and thin weight.  We are to believe this nonsense that they all eat nothing but a broccoli spear at every meal.  Endocrine diseases and conditions like Lipedema are mostly scoffed at. They demean fat people who have health conditions calling them "Condishuns". There is even one woman who complains of gaining 55lbs really quickly and they mock her. This is how I almost died, not being believed. People die because of "useful idiots" fat bigotry. What is funny is I have lost more then what some of these people weigh, and "kept it" off but allowed no room at the table because I am still very fat.

The bigots actually strengthen the extreme ideologues in segments of the size acceptance community. In fact I have always believed the two have played off one another.  Instead of fat people demanding answers and addressing the toxic American life-style that has been foisted upon then, each side plays off of one another. Their whole board is based upon the theme that fat people are liars, about what they eat, and how they live. A "useful idiot" Fat logician, would never imagine that in the bodily process of lipedema, the more I do, the more I can swell up.

I have been thinking more and more how the propaganda circles and control mechanisms operate in steering thinking about obesity. Fat Logic is a yet another control mechanism board that will make sure no one deals with the issue of obesity in any real way. They will shout for the answers that have failed for 40 years and in this way, they are "useful idiots" for the fat gulag. They care nothing about anyone's health. It's all about labeling and silencing fat people. It's class structures and feigned superiority just for being "thin".

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  1. Oh boy! The hatred towards fat and midsized people has been worse now than it was 10 to 40 years ago. I am appalled and disappointed that people did not find better things to do than spending hours writing hateful comments online. Some doctors who write on hateful forums and reddit might have problems even though they have great skills and ability to understand complex science and technology. They might have personally disorder and other psychopathical issues.

    Even though people exercise their freedom of expression, some abuse their freedom or go to far such as murdering, harassing or stalking their victims.