Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Everything's a Competition in America

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Dog eat dog.

Law of the jungle

Eat or be Eaten

King and Queen of the Mountain

Hunger Games Brainwashing

This is the reason that so many of our high schools are run like the high school in the movie Heathers, where the "winner" kids openly abuse the kids they consider "losers". Think about it, what is all the bullying centered in? Getting over.

Everything is about measuring up, and if you come up short, then watch out! The narcissists thrive on this stuff, and they don't play to win, they CHEAT to win and often do! The competition and achievement queens put narcissists on pedestals if they are not already one themselves.

Everything's a Competition in America


  1. Yes narcs love this stuff. I used to tell myself this is cool. You, know to try to fit in. Its not for me afterall.

    But you have to be like them, or you don't make it. But I never knew how.

    1. Yes narcs want you to conform. If you don't then all hell breaks lose. It's not for me. I couldn't be like them even if I wanted to be and I don't.