Monday, June 1, 2015

The Answer is Yes

America The Obese: Is There A Multibillion Dollar Conspiracy To Make Sure Americans Stay Overweight?

I don't agree with him that a healthy lifestyle will make someone automatically thin, some people who do everything they can still struggle, but he is correct about what they are pouring into the food.


  1. You are so right Peep, they are poisoning our food supply with toxic garbage our bodies cannot process and store in our fat cells such as Aspartame and High Fructose Corn syrup. This is why over 60 percent of Americans are either overweight or obese. In the 1970s only about 15 to 20 percent were overweight and before that even less. Its so FREAKIN obvious and it makes me furious that people are like cows chewing the cud and you can't get them to see that they are cattle being lined up for the slaughter. And not only are they purposely fattening up Americans for profit (insulin, big pharm drugs, chemotherapy, statin drugs, etc) stuff that does not CURE anything but provides steady income for PSYCHONARC parasites that FEED off of us, but certain big corporations such as Nestle and Kraft (witch-kraft) are putting "Synomex" into their products, pizzas, candy, gum, you name it. Synomex is derived from aborted fetal tissue. Also the genetically modified food such as tomatoes are spliced with SPIDER dna. That's why a lot of tomatoes you get no longer really taste like tomatoes. These people are practicing Satanists or Luciferians. They are sun god worshipers. That's what the pyramid with the eye of horus on the dollar bill represents. They love to advertise in plain sight and they gain power over us through our IGNORANCE. War is a covert means to make money as well as mass human sacrifice. They obtain power from satan by getting people to go against God's command to love our enemies and instead get them to KILL their "enemies" (other countries who are not under the control of the international bankster psychos). They killed the Nephilim (philistines, etc) in the Old Testament because they WERE NOT HUMAN but mixed with fallen angels (see Gen 6) I could go on but the rabbit hole is so deep it goes on and on. The horrible things our "leaders" do behind the curtain is unfathomable to most. Read about Bohemian Grove and Mk Ultra Mind Control CIA. They practice human sacrifice on a regular basis. Nothing has changed since the Biblical days of the Old testament in Babylon. Jesus said that the last days would be just like the days of Noah when God sent a flood to destroy because of all the wickedness. Oh, and this verse in Proverbs succinctly foretells what you are talking about with the food supply: "When you sit down to dine with a ruler (aka government controlled food supply) consider carefully what is before you, and put a knife to your throat if you are a person of great appetite. Do not desire his (govt food) delicacies, for it is DECEPTIVE food." Proverbs 23:2 (Eating human flesh gives power to Satanists and feeding it to the "profane" (those of us who are unaware of their evil) gives them power via deception. Oreo cookies among many many other products contain Synomex. You are very awake and aware and are one of the few people who see the truth about the food supply Yes they are pouring all manner of filth into our food. The poor people in India use Diet Pepsi as an insecticide (asparatame) because it is cheaper than Monsanto's roundup. Monsanto is My Satan in Spanish.

    1. Thanks FreeSpirit. I think they are poisoning our food supply too. I have to cook so much to avoid the bad food. I am not perfect, the budget is so tight but I doubt there are many women who will spend twos hour cooking cabbage rolls, and for us this is a normal meal. I would buy 100% organic if I could afford it. I think our food is not being broken down, the low nutrients are causing extreme hunger and the intake of more calories, and that even the lymph system is being affected as well as many others.

      I am allergic to GMOS [by the way no wheat thins or Triscuit for me, instant breakout] During a poorer week I may have to eat more normal bread but most of month try to get the scratch baked kind and have made my own too.

      HFCS and Aspartme and the plastics and rest are all taking a toll.

      I agree with fattening of America. It's more then FAT too, people's body shapes are changing. Just go check out "People of Walmart" not to mock the people like those who created that website do, but to notice how everyone looks sick, bloated and body shapes don't even seem right. It's the food! They then brainwash Americans to think its all the personal responsibility, everyone suddenly got fat and lazy and wanted to eat everything in sight. People aren't thinking things out.

      I worry about insulin fattening me up, I had to go on it sigh, but yes ever WONDER why all the drugs FATTEN and never THIN anyone down? I think that is part of the design. They wanted the psychotropics to put hundreds of lbs on people too. A fattening up of people by plan and for population control.
      Synomex I heard of before, in regards to a brand of soda, but wow that many foods? That disturbs me. Oreo cookies always tasted like a chemical mess to me. When one gives up junk food, they realize fast how real food is far superior to the chemical brews. I usually buy a lesser known brand of anything if I can. I shop at ethnic food store and try to buy no-names. The big corps worry me.

      Yes the gross GMOs and mad scientist garbage is scary, read about the spider DNA. Tomatoes have tasted weird to me before. I once had a break out eating a GMO tomato, body-wide hives, it was called the "Uglee" tomato, I almost had to go to the ER.

      Agree about the powers that be and Satanists running the society. I agree about the wars being a covert mean to make cash, right now it is a way for the global corporations to grab resources. The Bible warns us of many things to come--the world will become one mind and give it's power to the beast. Thanks for the Bible verse, that one definitely says it all. I always called Monsanto--My Satan. It definitely is.