Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Health Update

I had to go on insulin but my sugars are now regulated on Lantus and averaging around 110 in the morning. The diabetes does bother me, but not sure what else to do. I put myself on fixed meal times years ago but diabetes absolutely demands this. It's better then having sugars in the stratosphere.

Everyone is saying "You look good" to me out in public which can translate to the weight going down, but for some odd reason ever since I went off Metformin, my hair has decided to grow for the first time in eight years. I worry too about my PCOS worsening being off of it, so have to have the doctor test my androgen and testosterone levels--I'm off Spiro due to a kidney drug I'm on, so these things have to be managed too. My facial hair is getting a bit out there and had to shave a mustache off the other day.

I have had two periods in two months which is crazy too especially since I went a year and half without a period. It makes no sense. The doctors had told me I was in menopause. Maybe it is a one off. A lot of what this body does confuses me. Maybe insulin is cooking up new hormonal problems. I'm not sure.

Recently I've had some severe bloating. People don't realize that the worse thing about Lipedema is if you get busier and active, the body will retain tons of fluids. The Flexitouch takes some off at night but overall, this can be very hard. Ever since I decided to clean some papers up in the apartment about a week ago and was doing a some more things, it's like my body just bloated and went to town. This would be very low-level activity for a normal person but this body seems to protest moving at all. Having the lipo-lymphedema means I basically have lymphedema body wide. Even my arms and face bloat when I swell up. Sometimes this can be very painful and lately I wonder if I am doing enough or too little. It does worry me and can be constant problem. It is the biggest barrier in regaining more health as the pain of the big bloat can be very harsh. I know warmer weather worsens this too. I do get scared of losing mobility and being forced into bed permanently. This can happen to women with the severe stages of lipedema.

I have the scary thing of finally getting the CT done on the kidney lesion and finding out what that is mid-July.

I have to cook constantly and probably spend at least two hours a day in the kitchen, trying to cook decent foods. Our food budget has been under constant attack, so I've been cooking from scratch from the Mexican market quite a bit. Today I am making veggie stir fry for lunch cutting up one chicken breast between us to be in it. I got some spaghetti squashes from the food pantry but have absolutely no idea how to cook them and have to look up how to.

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