Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Flying Monkeys

I've given up on mine. I may keep Facebook contact like we are old school chums with a few extended cousins being careful with information but that's it.


  1. Your relatives are insecure people who want money or something that will help them to survive. Sounds like you have the most nefarious narc mother of many narc mothers in ACON community. Sorry you got stuck with flying monkeys until you get your answers or something better comes up.

    1. I've been told before on here, she is the worse of the worse. I'd go with it. Sociopath city. They want money. Even hearing one of the better ones going on about Aunt Scapegoat, I think "Sheesh, they are all brainwashed". Like I want to hear about that woman's every health problem when no one cared about mine? The flying monkeys all talk and act alike. I am creeped out.