Tuesday, June 28, 2016


It will be interesting to see what I weigh in July.  I am guessing from 480-510, but the scale has boggled my mind before, and given me a number from insane land. Since my waist is at 60, I know I am "safely" somewhere in the low 500s. [my highest waist measurement was once 76 at my peak weight] I will measure myself often to make sure I am not gaining.

 I have not lost the amount of weight that one would expect from a combination of food insecurity and diabetes paranoia, and trying to control blood sugars over a past year. I believe normal people would have dropped 100lbs by now.

 Yesterday I ate these breakfast crackers made out of oatmeal with blueberries in them and some chicken with some old cucumbers. My husband did buy me a ham sub with extra vegetables on top at night and dug up money to feed us for the next few days which includes eggs. Part of the ham sub was saved for breakfast this morning.  I plan to make some new made up recipe out of ground turkey, orzo, canned diced tomatoes and a bunch of mini-peppers I got a from a food pantry tomorrow. Thank goodness. Blood sugar was at 123 this morning. As everyone knows I have lost belief in CICO long ago. It is like magic in itself. My blood sugars go up if I don't eat enough but I have to balance too much and WHAT. I am sure of it now. I have got to get more exercise. Heat makes me lethargic and more swollen and motivation gets tougher to manage. I was out a bit today which helped. I will get exercise hand washing clothes in the sink.

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