Friday, June 10, 2016

Whitney Thore Exercises All the Time and is Still Fat!

I am watching Big Fat Fabulous Life, and probably have to wait until next week to find out what put her in the hospital. Whitney Thore is so active with all the dancing, shopping and running around and she stays so fat!

 I think something could be wrong with her beyond the already diagnosed PCOS adding to her weight, perhaps untreated sleep apnea, or other endocrine issues. She does not appear to have Lipedema to me but a doctor would have to examine her. I couldn't walk 5 miles after I passed around the 320 mark, that was over for good. She does not have asthma or COPD but she is getting very ill from exercise, and one thing to note in this show is how she constantly pushes herself.

That part to me is dangerous and a message they give to fat people that you must push yourself no matter what and when she tries to dance for 4 hours, which is something even difficult for in shape thin people, she pushed herself right into the ambulance and emergency room. They tell fat people to push yourself into the brick wall to not be fat anymore.

When I was young, I got SICK constantly from exercise which was constantly frustrating and it got worse. In my case, my lungs went early.  I had no car, and had to walk everywhere and in Chicago some bus stops were a half mile away from each other, and I still lost nothing. It reminds me of what she is going through. My COPD medicine I went on last year actually improved my walking quite a bit though I am still from normally mobile. Whitney Thore definitely has some problems. The sad thing is she will be blamed for being fat when it is obvious she is exercising all the time, and loves to be active.


  1. I think she is pretty. But my opinion and two bucks won't get you a cup of coffee these days.

    1. She is pretty I agree. I wish she would stick with Buddy instead of dating those wannabe hipsters though.

  2. I had a phenomenal Endocrinologist when I was starting a Clinical Trial (and flunked out almost immediately) and he was really, really disgusted with the way people with weight issues were treated. He would remind me regularly "If you have one Endo problem, your're statically faaarrr more likely to have at least one other." Our bodies have incredible abilities to compensate for failures in various systems and the longer the abnormality has been present, the more significant the accommodation. This MD is one of only 3 I have respected as I was passed over decades from one "Specialist" to another. I'm not gonna hijack your Post with a run down of all the crap I've been subject to by the medical community. I've never had a problem saying, "Yk, I don't know" in my professional or personal life-but I would certainly endeavor to find out rather than blame the person I was working with because I was having a tough time with a dx. We act like we know just about everything about everything, including the human body. HA! We're still just barely above leeches and bleeding as "treatments" frankly.

    I had my Dish Service/TV discontinued about 5yrs. ago so I don't follow these programs. And even if I did I'd be far more interested in your take in view of your very considerable knowledge base and experience, Peep. Yeah, I do respect you and your intelligence that much.

    It seems both historically and presently our society has a deeply inculcated knee jerk Blame the Victim mentality particularly in medicine-especially when you can't pin down a dx. If they can't admit their knowledge of the intricacies of the human body is still primitive at best, professional humility is eclipsed by hubris and the patient pays the price.
    And wow, do we EVER pay-in every way.

    1. I'm glad you had a great endo TW....sorry you flunked out of the clinical trial.
      I agree he is right about one endocrine failure equaling others. I have several and even issues they never figured out like the hyperadolsteronism, 7 times the adrenal hormones, high prolactin and more one system goes the others follow. This is where linear thinking in medicine can bring great suffering. Even the high uric acid, I had to research myself is related to Lipedema.

      Sorry you got passed on to from specialist to specialist. I used to think the failure to diagnose me was based alone on fat prejudice, but I noticed long ago, average people were NOT being diagnosed. Something is seriously going wrong with medicine in this way.

      I wish these doctors, said "I don't know too" and were honest instead of just blaming the sick person. Telling people certain ways of living and more will fix them is all lies. It goes with the article I just wrote in response to another, they have entered delusion land. I see medicine as totally primitive, we aren't that removed from the bleeding days, with many illnesses like cancer they actually seem to be REGRESSING.

      I worry about messages via these programs. [thanks TW, you too, I share the same respect for you] Some of these messages being if you are fat, you must push yourself physically until you almost die, as an excuse for living, and the whole disjointed "no body shame" message Whitney exposes while out exercising the "Biggest Loser" people and staying so overweight. I noticed in this show, she had a giant bald spot on her head, definite endocrine signs.

      They are holding back advancements via their hubris, and lack of humility and blaming the patients instead. This applies to many areas and not just the fat bigotry shown to obesity.

      Yes patients pay big time. Many pay with their lives or almost with their lives. There need to be some serious changes in medicine.

      Whitney is sick, and no matter how much she pushes herself, the base foundation of the illness is not going to be changed via starvation or constant exercise.

  3. Exercise is not going to do much for weight loss, despite what everyone says. But diet will. Some people absorb more calories than others; it's an unfortunate reality. Regardless, there is a sweet spot of calorie intake, different for every individual, which will result in weight loss if applied consistently over time. It may well be very low, but if someone is serious about losing weight, they owe it to themselves to determine what that number is and try. A degree of discomfort will be part of the process, at least at first; but hunger pangs are not the end of the world. That is the main way to lose weight, especially for women with hormonal issues who aren't 20 anymore or who haven't had a malabsorptive weight loss surgery procedure (or who purge food). It boils down to control and tolerance for discomfort. It's politically incorrect to tell people to eat less nowadays (hence all the emphasis on "moving more" or the zero carb but as much protein as you want hysteria), but it does work.

    1. It doesn't work in my experience.

      I don't believe in the CICO.

      I had to learn to take hunger pains years NOT gain.

      Eat less hasn't worked in 50 years.

  4. Try an 800 calorie a day diet for one month. What is the worst that could happen besides a bit of discomfort? Diets "don't work" because people don't stick to them, or they resume previous eating habits after they lose weight and gain weight back (and the amount of food for some to gain on might be "normal" amounts for others--it's a sad reality). What other choice is there, especially if weight loss surgery or medications to lose weight are not an option? (and shouldn't be--they are dangerous). My mother died of complications of diabetes and needed others to care for her as a result of her weight, and I am doing everything I can to keep that from being my fate. It needs to be a life long commitment. It will help. Doing nothing will only guarantee you more of the same or worse. You seem like a good-hearted, talented person and deserve health. Unfortunately, no one else can do it for you.

    1. 800 calories? A bit of discomfort? Try dry heaves and fainting. Try turning cold, and freezing every minute. Try thinking of food every second. Try sinking my metabolism down to nothing. I was down to 800 or less during a period of illness, all I did was freeze to death every second. Why do some of you believe in diets so much? Whose going to be able to go that hungry for the long term? So your solution for me is starve myself? Should I go read pro-ana websites for advice? Yeah I've been over on them.

      I know that sounds insane. Health is not going to come from 800 calories a day? Want to know why, I am anemic as hell and have to supplement endless VITAMINS today! and thats with eating "healthy". Even the fact you pass off 800 calories as a 'bit of discomfort" tells me instantly your body operates differently then mine. You are a thinner person where you get a little growl, and can work or do things for hours without the hunger driving you insane.

      When I was puking mostly dry heaving for three days from the kidney disorders I felt like death had warmed over. So I have gone without food before. The world seemed to slow down during all this, I prayed for death the pain was so intense. Why the hell too do I have to eat 800 calories or starve to be normal?

      I probably will die of being fat, I've suffered enough. Maybe some see this as giving up but I am sick of all the BS. I've stayed 500, even on an average of 1800 calories a day. I am HUNGRY even NOW, don't you think I had to train myself to take hunger pain ALREADY not to gain? Some of the fat logic crowd needs to figure out, while they can go without food and barely feel the effects its not true for many fat people. My whole damn day is always a cost analysis ratio for what I can eat or not eat, worrying about gaining. One day I decided to eat the lowest carb dinner in the universe and its a good thing I decided to take my blood sugar at 3am which had gone down to 100 or so. More hunger pain for me at 3am? Does anyone else want to try this body? I am hungry now, its 11:36: I am thinking "If you eat this early you will end up eating too many calories, delay lunch at least an hour more". I wish some fat logic and fat hating doctors could spend a day in this body. Yes I have considered trying to acquire an eating disorder or something to lose weight [refer to the Lipedema kills video] but I get so sick. My only option to stay alive, and trust me I have done enough experimentation on my body, is to eat the best I can and let the chips fall where they may. On 800 calories a day, the blood sugar will skyrocket. In fact dont ask me how this happens but if I have a food insecure day and there's less food in the house and I barely had anything to eat, the sugars will be higher then hell. I plan to ask a doctor how come they are higher when I am more active. Someone can put me in the lab tommorow. 800 I find intolerable. Sorry. Maybe some think thats lazy and not trying but its intolerable to me.

      Yesterday I ate two eggs, 2 pieces of toast 3 mandarin oranges, a half cup of green beans, an ear of corn, turkey patty, and about 3-4 ounces of chopped boneless skinless chicken-with peppers, mushrooms, and green onions, and a cup and half of rice and some almonds. Half a glass of lactase milk.

      Blood sugar this morning 109

    2. Thanks for saying I deserve better health but I don't see 800 calories as the way out.

  5. Were you ill because you weren't eating, or not eating because you were ill? Regardless, it just underscores the fragility of your health. Has any medical practitioner ever recommended a medically supervised, residential weight loss program to you? They exist, and insurance should cover something like that given your serious, life-threatening weight-related and non-weight related health issues (and if it doesn't, apply and keep appealing if they deny you--you owe it to yourself because 1,800-calorie per day dieting doesn't work for you, very low calorie dieting makes you sick, you can't exercise (not that it helps all that much in the long run for weight loss) and other methods like drugs or surgery would probably kill you). Forget the political and life-is-not-fair aspects of weight--it's no use to dwell on those things, since they aren't going to change. Your behavior is the only thing that you can change, and maybe there is help out there for you. No one is suggesting developing an eating disorder or getting cosmetically thin, just gaining a degree of health and mobility so you can enjoy your life, take care of yourself, not live in constant pain, and not live in fear of a fall or being out on a hot day and not being able to breathe or not finding the accommodations you need at your size. A relatively small amount of weight would help. There is a practical approach out there, a literal and figurative happy medium, you just need to find the help you need to get there. You are ahead of the game because you have people in you life who care about you (your husband and friends), and your readers care, too. I for one am on pins and needles looking forward to your comic (and I highly recommend putting on Amazon kindle for a nominal fee, or better yet, trying to get it published through a traditional publisher. It could happen!). I know you don't believe in optimism, but I respectfully disagree. I'm am very excited for you because you have obvious talent, the drive to create art, and a unique voice, so much that strangers on the Internet are compelled to listen. Keep fighting and have faith.

    1. I was not eating from being ill, extreme pain and throwing up. In fact it scares me how little I did lose that year, food was abhorrent to me. I am surprised to have made it out of 2013 alive. I have never had a residential weight loss program suggested to me. I actually would be up for such a thing and would do it if there was not massive financial barriers. I am low income.

      If you know of some tell me where they are at. Everything seems to be based on weight loss surgery. There's one in the Carolinas, I found, Duke University, if I won the Lotto that definitely would be on the game plan. Even if I could get 100 more off, it would change some of the walking and other equations. I do not know what I weight right now, in July I get weighed at the kidney doctors. I have measured and some measurements seem down, and my shorts are still having to be knotted but I will see. If I am still at 500 or 513, I will not be happy but I could be.

      I plan to ask to be hospitalized if it has gone up. I do not think it has, but if I am over 530-540, I want put in the hospital for weight loss if I can talk any of them into it. I have dropped all the portions more tightening even for the sake of the diabetes. {blood sugar was 116] this morning and I don't know why I am not losing far more weight. I still have to fight all the water bloating and its tough. Lipedema causes extreme pain too the more you do. I have known I need more money for a more active lifestyle too--getting to do things. It is frustrating to me. I plan to be taking a walk today and have a lot to do. I was housebound yesterday but worked on my comic and today is cooler and I plan to go out.


    2. I looked for programs when I was sicker, around 2008 and fearing the total loss of mobility and being on oxygen, and looked into residential weight loss. I watched that show Brookhaven where it seemed failure was ever present, a place in Tiffin Ohio which seemed to be more of a nursing home, and looked into several others.

      Here is a link to one I was looking at

      I don't have money to travel to check these places out. Our household would be shut down, and I would be rendered homeless upon release looking at the financial factors. My income is needed to keep the rent and bills paid.

      I was sick enough then to consider it but then got at home physical therapy, which stopped me from having to go on oxygen and was able to get to a more stable place. One barrier I did face, and this one may shock the hell out of you I was told I would be turned down and there was massive waiting lists, because I was mobile. [I can still walk on a walker, right now able to walk enough to get through and shop at a small Aldis as long as my lungs are behaving--walmarts are too big] Back then I could walk, around the distance of an apartment hallway? 100-500 feet? I was told Medicaid would not pay either based on several factors, so was hemmed in. I certainly wanted to keep the mobility I do have, it is easily lost. That one guy on 600lb life, puts fat people in the hospital to lose weight. I need to ask doctor if this is possible on the local level but what if I go in and lose nothing? I was watching this woman eating on 600lb life and she was crying about the food and "being starved" and it looked just great to me. I guess I'm nuts. Give me the grilled chicken breast and green beans. LOL

      I would like to get a 100 more off, definitely. Even life at 300 would be a piece of cake compared to this. I could walk a lot easier. I am hitting the wall of my hunger levels driving me insane, even now. I can't go lower then what I am doing. Even keeping the blood sugars balanced is a lot of work. It's very difficult because if I diet too severe, they jack up the ceiling. And one day I almost put myself in dangerous low, because of eating too little of a dinner--I just wasn't as hungry that day, it was hot. Thankfully I wake up when I am going into a low and it was 3am in the morning. Some hospital supervision may help with this. [I had to have an at home diabetes nurse even get the sugars and insulin on track]

      In my case if I went into a rehabilitation a lymphedema/lipedema one would be the most mandated but even there, I can wrap my own legs, so they probably would tell me to stay home. I need some new compression supplies, pretty badly too lately though.


    3. I feel caught in a trap, you are right. I am just barely able to keep sugars balanced, and it is CONSTANT WORK, even being on insulin, ie, did I exercise enough today, I can't afford this carb, am I going into a low, and imagine doing all this on low money. My husband got a little bit of money to get us some vegetables today. The constant cooking and rest is wearing me out. Food costs so much money and the good stuff so much work.

      One friend told me when I lost down from near 700, that he thinks my body is still screaming to be back at that weight and reason for the hunger pain and other problems. I am not sure of that theory since illness took me there, but it makes you wonder. I am scared of weight gain all the time and pictures have told me how extreme the water weight is and how my weight even seems to change day to day within this 500lb baseline.

      Maybe I do need to revisit the possibilities of rehab or something again. My problem was paying for it and insurance denying it because I am mobile.

      Thanks for saying you care and others do. This blog is being read, the traffic has gone up, even internationally. I have stayed alive this long. Sometimes I feel like I am old and it's too late but then some weight loss would help whatever years I got left. I am frustrated because of the different things. A lot of women at my stage of Lipedema are in the nursing home and I don't want to follow. I never miss a session of wrapping or Flexitouch for a reason.

      I do know I am going to talk about this to doctor.

      One thing I have thought of is, finding some kind of local physical therapy or place to get exercise where I could be supervised. Maybe on good days taking the bus somewhere would be a good idea. I plan to sign up for PACE when I am 55, there is a center within a mile of me and they have on staff physical therapy, exercise programs for the elderly and disabled and cooked nutritious meals, but I'm 48 now and that's a bit far off.

      I do know I need help of some kind to break out of this. More money would definitely help.

      We need more rehab centers for obese and Lipdema. It shocked me that I weighed so much in 2008/2009 and had such severe Lipedema [not diagnosed yet] and Lymphedema and they told me because I could still walk I was low on the priority list.

    4. I don't qualify for PACE until I am 55.

      I have thought about signing up for the Y, but I was turned down at a Y and told I was too medically fragile years ago once. I would like to go to one, to walk or even if I am messing with weights for 10 minutes, isn't that better then doing nothing?

  6. I wish you all the best in finding the help you need. On another note, I highly recommend trying to find a publisher for your comic! You already have an audience from the blogosphere--publishers love to hear that. A unique artistic vision can't be faked or fabricated. You have that. Take care, SC

    1. Thanks, I appreciate it. :)

      Wow I have thought about publishers or not. I will consider it. I had thought about pin money zines but perhaps I should attempt a real publishing. :) The story is being molded I know it's taking a while. I have the basic order of something like 150 panels but adding and taking away. There's bits and pieces I have to fill in but it's being done.