Friday, June 10, 2016

Doctor Warns Lipedema Can Be Life Threatening

Lipedema with all the societal condemnation and pain is a very difficult disease, especially when it takes years to get diagnosed.

Lipedema can be life threatening [this is the video above, dealing with the picture I used at this article]


  1. I can't definitively make a mind body connection with this one circumstance but I found out that my mother squandered the proceeds from our family farm by giving it to my ex-wife and three weeks later I had what amounts to a stroke. Take that for what it's worth. Scientifically it would be impossible to blame one on the other but if you were graphing it on a chart you would see a short trip from me receiving that news and me seizing up like a rusty chain saw.

    1. I think the stress triggered your stroke, of that I have no doubt. Stress is definitely a stroke trigger. When I get stressed my blood sugar goes up by 30 points, in fact sometimes now I have to force myself to mellow out so I don't get high blood sugars. Three weeks is close in time and it was a short time. Yeah you can lay that at her feet too. I consider my body the outcome of abuse. Even being refused medical information I needed to capture my Lipedema at an earlier stage. Ever severe Lipedemic person I know, online has a family with the disorder. These narcissists can kill with stress. Remember one reason I went NC is I thought I literally was going to die and I almost ended up in the ER the last few times I dealt with those people and there were at least three bad leg infections treated at home that were tied to just visiting them. I think if I went to Aunt Scapegoat's funeral, I'd be stroking out watching all the false pious displays and BS.