Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Happier Days

We can be happy and find new happiness.

I have had some happier days lately, and one thing in common is I am paying attention to doing what makes me happy. I always liked to do fun things so there was always that, but now I can wake up and look forward to a some days not under the judgement of narcissists. This meme is right in that you need to learn how to be happy.

I think breaking off from the final enablers and flying monkeys was a big deal to me. There seems to be a break through here. Their poison was seeping in indirectly.  This final complete break-off, has given me to freedom. Even talking to the most removed one would hurt me, it's just how the "whole system" would treat me. Being "out of the system" entirely has brought a new stage of freedom and happiness.

The process of being happier can happen in knowing one can walk away and not "keep trying" and "banging their head on that proverbial wall" anymore. Realize the expectations. Ever ACON in a long term no contact will be asking themselves "What will make me happy?" "What do I want?" Learning to be happy can be a new skill.

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