Friday, June 17, 2016

Fat Logic and Whitney Thore: An Illustration of the Fat Lies on Both Sides

Fat Logic Rips on Whitney Thore

Exercise your way into near death with your heart put into a gallop and you are still a bad for being fat and it's all YOUR FAULT! What I hate is the illusion of control that they supposedly say all fat people have with their weight. Thin people eat pizza and don't die and become 400lbs. I have to eat pizza only once or twice a month, it is not an every week food. Fat Logic is a fat hater website I have posted on before. In their illusionary world, if a fat person "eats healthy" and lives "proper", they will be automatically thin.

Whitney Thore's collapse brings back memories of when I was trying to fight my weight gain and the spells of dizziness, almost passing out, extreme sweat, heart feeling like it's going to beat out of my chest, and in my case, the asthma and COPD came to play too so that meant trying to suck in air too. Once Fat Logic dissed me talking about walking 2-3 miles and considering that "exercise", well I was doing what I could before my body imploded, hmm I guess to those freaks, anything short of a triathalon just isn't good enough!

Fat people get no breaks, so even Whitney Thore who exercises until she literally drops is considered a lazy "fat" piece of crap by these people and that if she "just ate normally" she'd be normal sized like her 70 year old parents. This is the lie on that side, that all obesity is caused by bad behavior. As I have said for years, what part of this is not all under people's control do some not get?

But now I am going to go to the other side.....and I am not going to give Whitney Thore a total break either. Whitney Thore has a show called "My Big Fat Fabulous Life". The lies and cognitive dissonance of selling "fat" as being a fabulous condition is breaking down. Just like the show Sister Wives has shown polygamy to be a failed state for women and children, this show is showing us that delusionary side of size acceptance. What does size positivity mean when your own body is a jerk to you? Why can't we stand up against discrimination against fat people without the overcompensation and saying, "Everything's great and I'm happy to be fat!"

Fat hurts, Fat makes the body break down. The "happy to be fat" thing is a lie. Whitney with her big smiles and happy go lucky bouncy personality is the epitome of what I have talked about. Instead of this country facing realities about the skyrocketing obesity rates which I believe have deeper environmental and other factors then "poor personal behavior", we are sold this lie that being fat is a great condition to be in. This is one area in our society where America's focus on positivity at all costs is going to burn people big time. It's keeping the other side in business like this is ALL A CHOICE.

As I wrote in "Seeing Through the Obesity Lies" both the diet industrial-personal responsibility and the extreme fat acceptance--selling of fat sides are propping each other up. What are we to make of Whitney Thore whose own body is betraying her? Whose so desperate to appear happy? As I got to her size circa 1996 and later peaked out in late 1997 at near 700lbs , I knew I was dying mid 400lb weight gain. I wasn't smiling about it or assuring people how happy and fabulous life was. It sucked. A lot of people got angry too at me in size acceptance. What are we to think of Whitney Thore whose own body is destroying her happiness at every turn? Exercise is a failure for her obviously. It's not improving her health. It didn't do much for me but make me bloat more. I cleaned out some of my apt yesterday driving my blood sugars up--I haven't figured out why more activity is giving me higher blood sugars but it does. Will ditching the pizza and eating kale salad, change her life? I was promised such things that didn't pan out. Their diet dreams are lies to me. I'm always cooking and doing the "healthy eating" but it didn't give me a new body either.

For years I have talked about how the fat acceptance movement ignored what fat itself did. Whitney is sick. Whitney is headed down my road. I believe she has something wrong with her beyond PCOS. She indulges in the delusion I have warned of on this blog for years and been disgusted by. The thin smug people surrounding her engage her but you can see the rolling eyes and patronization. When they do a mock funeral for her, it is more of the patronization and societal disrespect of fat people. Here we have the same type of narcissistic personality shown such as was displayed on the show Ruby. Could they ever show us a fat person who reads and is serious? I guess not. The androgens in her body are probably sky-high even with the bald spot I saw on her head.

Whitney's body is not working like other people's. Exercise is not taking weight off. Exercise is not burning off  the "fattening" food she is eating. Whitney is getting sick. If she put her heart in A-Fib or it is not beating correctly from over-exercise, she is probably not long for this world especially with her pushing herself.  She indulges in the delusion I have warned of on this blog for years. Her show too has propaganda to make fat people look bad! Whitney rips her pants in the store because her butt is so big! Whitney's legs go side ways as she skies. Whitney and her mother buy a piglet for a pet, get it fat people and pigs? Fat people on a pro-fat show remain buffoons.

I would like Whitney Thore to come to my conclusions, and say "Look being fat is more complicated then these two lies, I have been handed" but I doubt it will ever happen. Obviously she loves to exercise, so even knowing the fat is costing her the dancing, should make her start asking questions and not going with the status quo. I don't see it happening sadly. I also now see the trend among the fat haters and it's being strengthened via these shows where people are writing things like "PCOS is not an excuse."  They sell more lies in the inverse. All medical conditions are not an excuse. Dieting works don't you know? Yeah right. Even Whitney's example will be used to sell the diets as we see exercise fail her. In delusion world, on one side all bodies work the same, and on the other being fat is something to be celebrated and one can be a dancer even as 200lbs and more piles on. "No Body Shame" may keep her from being more abused but it won't address the main problem.

I'm sick of it all.


  1. It is refreshing to read something that is just plain common sense about Miss Thore. TLC should be ashamed of themselves for promoting the destructive ambitions and combative rhetoric regarding obesity, that Miss Thore spouts. Obesity kills. Even if you lose the weight, if you have been obese for a long time, the damage is done.

    1. Obesity does kill. I'll admit it. I failed to lose weight past the 160-200 chunk I've kept off, but fat is painful. Nothing fun or fabulous about it. Mrs. Thore should be like me demanding answers and saying look the dieting isn't working. I'm kind of scared because our food has been so reduced, and little or no weight loss. It does damage the body. I still think she has something very wrong with her because of her desire for an active life and no weight coming off her and the bald spots on her head. However she will never find out what it is, doing the happy to be fat dance. I used to piss people off in NAAFA and size acceptance, in the 600s and near 700 Look Im dying, something needs to be done about this crap! They said I was not fat-loving enough. Screw fat, I hate it.

  2. I am in the cardiac ward currently. I will be transfered to the nearest large city soon to get 3 stents ( they think) put in. There are no thin patients in this ward. I guess is is just a fluke that all of those here with cardiac problems are fat.

    1. I know thin people who died of heart problems though. With heart stuff once heart goes, you bloat with fluids, you can't breathe to do things then weight gain comes? I am sure some ate badly but with many the heart problems came first. I realized I had COPD and lung problems by age 21, I was at my thinnest adult weight. Don't fall for the thing that all health problems come from bad behavior.