Saturday, November 5, 2016

Another Painting in Progress

This painting isn't finished yet.

I told my husband, I need to set up a painting studio area, and want to get back at doing more art work. Figuring out how to do this cheaply may take some work. One thing I learned in the class, is the focus it takes to intently paint, helps me a lot. It can make 2 hours pass like it is nothing. In the spring I will sign up for another class. Even having the structure helps someone like me a lot.

I do have some canvases I got at thrift and other places and stored up. A good friend of mine bought acrylic paint for me at an estate sale, so at least I have the supplies. This would be a good endeavor. My last DIY art show was in 2009 and was a smaller one. Yes I still have to get the comic scanned too. Been searching for a scanner or way to do 140 pages for some time.


  1. I like this painting, too! It's such a blessing to do something you would be really nice to have an area set up to paint in

    1. Thanks pegjo. :) Yeah an area for painting would be a great idea. I need a comfortable chair too.