Saturday, November 5, 2016

Computers and Aspies

Computers and Aspies are an interesting mix. Actually I have a far easier time talking to people online then I do in real life. Online, I am talkative, and will joke and will write long emails to people about life. In real life, I am talkative only with a few, and otherwise very quiet.

 Sometimes I wonder what would have happened to me if there was no Internet. I did still write a lot off line and wrote journals and that first fat book, I was unable to get published but which seems now an odd late 1990s time capsule. In real life, I can talk to people one on one, if they are Aspie friendly sorts with loud voices for my deaf ears, but in groups, I feel like that guy. Sometimes groups will talk and I will be completely lost, "What are they talking about?" What's so funny about that joke? There's a lot of inferred stuff that zoomed over my head.  I made a mistake with a group [not the art class] telling them, the election stuff has been upsetting. Oops, I crossed another secret barrier, I didn't realize. Sometimes I wonder how social things would be for me in LESS RETICIENT areas of the country.

Aspies on Aspie message boards often refer to the "miracle" of the Internet. With some lower functioning Aspies or autistics the internet is too much for them but for many it is a world of it's own. We can have very happy times online. I am happier NOT in groups. I do well however in structured situations like an art class, where I can talk a little bit. One thing I never get bored online which well, that can be a problem too because the Internet can get a lot more fun then doing dishes or something like that especially when your body joins the chorus, of "I don't wanna!"  Many Aspies do depend on their computers, and disabled people for that fact for their social lives.


  1. Same here and may I suggest a reason why it's easier to communicate online? You can finish a thought, complete a sentence without some narc interupting you, talking over you, finishing your sentence, waiting to play one up manship or changing the subject completely to bring it back to "me, Me, ME!" Don't mind me, lol - just spent Sun. afternoon with famblie & back online to find some sanity and wisdom. :)

    1. Or how about all the narcs getting the constant attention too? LOL Quiet conversation I have noticed is impossible in groups and very few seem interested in one on one conversation, they want to be a star with all the attention. I remember trying to talk to my brother once and he took no interest in anything I had to say, it was bragging, bragging, bragging. Yeah sun afternoon with the famblie sounds like hell, I've been there too.