Sunday, November 13, 2016

Cussed Out for Not Voting for Clinton

Language warning in the above, the nearly empty campaign room and the people puking out in the snow, says it all.  It's America the morning after.

They are barfing up "member berries" at each other. That I suppose was South Park's predictive programming smack at "false nostalgia" on the right. It is true the right wing, believes in past glory days. The 1950s were perfect supposedly and everyone lived like Leave It to Beaver, or so they tell us.

Yesterday I had some crazy commenter cuss me out for "Allowing Trump to win" and that I do not care about rape victims. Being a victim twice of attempted rape, one an attempted rape at the age of 13 by someone 3 years older and one another attack on an abandoned subway stand, their comments were even more insulting.  I have referred to both events on this blog already. I DID NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP and in fact webwide, have posted against him, probably even more so then Clinton.  I took down their posts, but I wonder how insane things are going to get now.

 I suppose such American ideals of being allowed to disagree or choosing the candidate according to their OWN CONSCIENCE has been thrown out the window. I respect people's right to choose who they did according to their own conscience. We basically got handed a pile of crap and people had to sift through it. I told all my friends, whatever choice you make, it is yours to make. I knew people who couldn't even make up their minds. Some voted for Clinton to understandably protect entitlement programs, others voted for Trump, out of desperation of seeing their fortunes fall and hoping and praying some change would be better then none. I didn't vote for either.

It shocks me kind of that now we have protests in the streets on behalf of Clinton, but no one could get off the couch on behalf of Bernie Sanders who while he had some faults, at least seemed to care a bit, in making a some real changes. He at least had some real populism to him.

Facebook is going nuts. I'm kind of scared to go over there. I have one friend who unfriended everyone in her life who ever voted for Trump. I hate Trump too, but Clinton was not that great of a candidate with her Goldman Sachs ties. My family before I went no contact, was having the left/right divide between the Tea Party narcissists and others. They already have gone to battle. I told my husband if things keep getting this bad, "What's going to happen to those of us who believed they both sucked?"

I want to puke too watching every past IFB church member except for 1 or 2, all coming out quite stridently for Trump. Of course they are posting the usual "my taxes!" and insulting every poor and disabled person, as they include complaints about the "free sh*t" army. I almost got in 4 arguments but decided to back off, and not get into that circus.  The rude attitudes and utter hatred towards those less fortunate then them, made me sick to my stomach. The Religious political Right is poison, and many have drank the Kool-Aid quite freely. It's one reason I don't go to church.

 The DNC may have had a chance with Bernie Sanders. Clinton didn't wow anyone. Even life-long Democrats I knew told me Clinton was "too owned" by corporate masters and "too pro-war" for them to do a hold their nose vote. I believe the elections are selections anyhow. They already know whose going in. Technically Clinton got the popular vote.

They got so many ways to "cook" the books, so here's my response to the nasty person who cussed me out yesterday for "allowing a rapist to win". I posted several articles against Trump right on this blog. I could not in my own conscience vote for Clinton. 

One thing I have protested for years is the NDAA.  Beyond my war protesting which by the way in this society brings RISK, as I and my war protesting friends were photographed at least once by a man with a telephoto lense in a closed green van. In a small conservative town, these activities did not come without risk and many were angry at us so people who want to "judge" me on my political decisions, the first thing I will ask, is have you ever put yourself on the line for anything?

Clinton supported it. If a politician supports NDAA and I know about it, I will not give them a vote. I don't care who it is. That's my personal reason. A local Congressman will never get a vote from me for supporting NDAA.  Anyhow I don't owe anyone an explanation for my voting decisions and other's don't as well. This was a crappy election where people were "making do" with the crappy choices we were handed. I won't judge anyone for their reasons. That's the ideal of democracy. People make their choices.

I am concerned now, of the growing protests and ire. It makes one even ask if the system will survive with people at each other's throats.  I believe the powers that be want this divide, and well people are marching lock step into the trap. Narcissists try to FORCE others to vote the way they want or lambast them for making sincere decisions. Sociopath vs. Sociopath. We didn't get much of a "choice". Politics seems an end road to perdition.

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