Saturday, November 5, 2016

Kids Always Under Surveillance?

This commercial kind of gives me the creeps. If I had been a teen and camera's were always on, I would have been in trouble. I could imagine me eating a sandwich out of the fridge and my mother calling from work, "You don't need that!". The commands to clean and intercom cries of "Pick that up!" would have never be ending.  My nerves probably would have been frayed to the point, I probably would have run to the woods to get some privacy which I did at times already. What does it do to kids when they are watched 24/7 and the helicopter parents can run their home like a department store with all seeing eyes security? Of course, maybe the kid whose a good hacker could override the system, and play a continuing loop of the day, they didn't have their boyfriend or girlfriend over or that weekend party when the parents were out of town. Maybe poor kids will be better off now whose parent's can't afford this stuff, at least there will be a little bit of freedom.


  1. I think you've spotted a creepy trend - I just saw a car ad where parents let the daughter have the car and the mother shows the dad a device showing a map and says "and we can see exactly where she is all the time" and then they freak out because they can see she's driven to some make-out spot. So they use their device to remotely make the horn blare and the lights flash and stop her from kissing a boy. These parents want total control - and also seemed fixated on teenagers sex lives.

    1. Yes imagine these devices in the hands of controlling narcissistic parents. Yes I have seen the car stuff too where they put devices to tell them exactly where the car goes. I suppose too many parents must love acting like prison guards and control freaks now. It disturbs me. Yeah the commercial where they stop her from kissing a boy is sick.