Saturday, November 5, 2016

Worried About Tuesday And It's Aftermath?

I plan to go vote. There will be some blanks on my ballot. I'm only showing up for regional and local votes. How is someone like me who supposed to pick politicians? It's a nightmare counterbalancing all my beliefs where some are listed on one side and one on the other. I'm a union-supporting, disabled person, who is anti-gun control but against the death penalty. I don't think any party represents me. What a mess. Trying to choose who to vote, for me can mean actually poring over the League of Women Voter's list of candidates for local and bigger races and agonizing over which one to choose. I vote as a matter of principle even if I think many candidates are selected not elected.

If either Turd Sandwich or Giant Douche [using South Park's terminology for our horrible presidential candidates] wins, I think the violence could worsen. I sometimes fear this country is going to have some polarized "civil war" break down. Where does someone go who hates both right and left and hasn't picked a side?  If the two sides go head to head, I'm staying out of it! Facebook has been scary with people unfriending each other all over the place over politics.

I'm hoping it is NOT a close election where claims of "rigging" could start riots and cities being lighted on fire. The election has been so contentious, I can see problems coming from either side if one or the other wins or loses. Some have told me, "Don't worry Peep, Americans are still eating, you aren't going to see Americans get off the easy chair, to go protest the close Clinton or Trump win!" This is true, if someone as poor as me still has food on the table, we aren't Venezuela after all. But this stuff worries me. At least one advantage I have, is I do not live in a huge city, people may be more reasonable around here if things go crazy. I hope.

Maybe I have read too many history books, where civilization has such a thin fragile line. My mother in law's journal of life in WWII, running through woods to avoid sniper fire and starving, also is in my mind. Too many books on European and South American history where one bad election, turned the tide to endless troubles and turmoil. I hate both candidates but if Clinton wins, there's less chance of me seeing the underpass as soon with the other one. I fear WWIII more with her. If the orange faced man Trump wins, revisits to Republican trickle down nonsense, more overt hatred for the poor and more overt attacks on social security could impact daily life very badly.  Both sides could protest a close election with extreme outrage. Many minorities are understandably afraid of Trump. Many are disgusted by Clinton and the constant criminal investigations.

 Hopefully I can leave the apartment on November 9th and feel like the world isn't going to end. I am an old enough lady to remember when things were far better in America. Politicians have always sucked but not as bad as now. What ever happens will happen but I'm praying that things stay peaceful.

Half of US Voters Scared of Violence on Election Day


  1. Your local elections have a way greater impact on individuals lives than who ever is president. In school our professors would joke about how little change the president can effect with all his/her checks and balances while your city council can sneak tens of millions of dollars by in increased property taxes.

    1. I agree, the local ones will have more impact. I go vote even regarding millages and other things and other state positions.