Sunday, November 13, 2016

This Ad Was Banned in England

Irresponsible Ad Was Banned

It is awful, in America we get even worse ads, they don't take them down. A thin woman has her hair mussed and has frumpier clothes put on to look "fatter" while the "thin dieter" wears tailored clothing and looks ready for a job interview. How is processed food is supposed to make people lose weight. Someone once gave us Nutrasystem food, and it was so gross and tasteless, I wondered if people would just give up eating all together instead of eating that stuff. It was expensive too judging from what they told me they paid for it.


  1. Nutrisystem is disgusting, freeze dried crap. I did it for a while, not so much to try and lose weight as because I only have one of those mini fridges. I couldn't bear it any more. Canned soup is a better option than Nutri System. At least it tastes like something.

    1. Yes it was beyond horrible. I took it out of food insecurity some years ago and eating nothing was better. Agree canned soup is far better.