Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Enough with the Fear of Fat

She seems to follow the usual fat acceptance line. I don't mind if people are "afraid of fat" but don't be afraid of ME. Being fat certainly is not pleasant, I have filled this blog with endless stories of it's horrors. I hope I am not gaining weight, I am afraid of "fat" everyday of my life. Some acquaintance I met one year ago and saw me again recently said, "You look like you have lost weight". I hope he is right and not giving me just a "nice compliment".

I take body long pictures to track the weight when I can't get to the scale. She looks short of breathe while doing the speech. I don't judge her for that it just is what it is.  I couldn't even stand out there without my walker. I can stand 12 minutes now but by 20 my legs are going numb.

I was having a conversation with a friend about how the focus on "identity" politics destroyed the Democratic party while they ignored bigger deals like the economy and the fact people were seeing their lives economically ruined. Its the same for fat, fat people are told to "not be afraid" of fat while the bigger issue is that everyone is growing really fat and sick. Meanwhile our lives and food are destroyed, and this is ignored.

 I'm fat, but the whole fat identity thing rankles me. I'm probably more scared of fat then anyone in the room because 50 more pounds means I could die. So I've lost and gained the same portion of weight over and over. It's better then going up. I'm the one walking around in pain from "fat" [well Lipedema means a lot of it is water, and deposits]

I'm against fat discrimination too and fat people being treated badly. Do we have to accept "fat" itself to make that happen though? If people call her the "Isis of the obesity epidemic", would she be shocked for me to point out, "Maybe it's not good that so many people are getting so fat?" Maybe we should seek after real answers instead of the usual 'denial' and 'happy to be fat' whistle by the grave yard lies. I couldn't dance after I reached 300lbs. Maybe my lungs being shot added to this but as she celebrates a fat dance company, I haven't been able to dance in years.  Maybe we should question where life has gone in America and elsewhere. The fatness is a symptom of declining health. They can make it out to be a "good" thing all they want but I don't think most normal people in healthier bodies are going to buy it.

That said, as I have said on this blog for years, no one should be discriminated against. I don't want abuse, I need better food, I need more money, I need a better life style. The denials are hurting us.
One of the fat logic "fat haters" wrote the below in bold. I don't agree that self-abuse made someone fat, as he writes, but it's true unless you can "dance", and when the body does break down, you don't present the "right" 'happy to be fat' image. I've been an outliner in size acceptance alone just for the fact of being so sick and questioning their extreme identity politics that throw away real medical realities.

"When FA's get to that stage they get pushed out of the movement. FA is for women who are on borrowed time before their body packs up, while they can still prance around fabulously while the miracle of nature that is their body still allows the abuse while still functioning. Once critical system failure happens, they're no longer portraying the right "image" for the movement so no longer get speaking engagements, and people stop following their blogs.
FA has absolutely no integrity and turns on its own without a second thought."

I'm bored with the "happy to be fat" and "radical body politics". They BORE ME. It's nothing that really changes or helps my life. Less discrimination and hatred is good, but the denial is rife. Connecting the two where one must be happy to be fat and denying everyday realities does not work.

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