Friday, November 4, 2016

Don't Get Fat in Japan!

He barely looks plump. Also I notice how he points out their endless labor saving devices, hmm how do they stay so thin? Japan is one of the most fat phobic countries in the world. From what I can tell obesity is very rare there, he tells us it is only 4 percent. Maybe some researchers should study the Japanese, why are they so thin? They have ramen noodles there, that is not exactly a healthy slimming food.


  1. They are thin due to portion control and plenty of exercise. Their meals are very heavy on vegetables, too.

    1. Japan has lots of convenience stores with foods, I put up a post showing their vending machines and they had candy and sweets and other things too. Someone is eating that stuff. Sure they have more vegetables, but they have the meat and ramen as well. I do think they kept the GMOs out and the bad additives to foods that many in Western cultures have gotten.

  2. Japanese have high caloric food too: