Saturday, December 17, 2016

Abandoned Cabin and Homes in the Woods

Sometimes I watch the show called Abandoned on the Vice Network. I used to love to explore as a kid which almost got me in trouble a few times. I lived in too urban of an area to find too many abandoned houses. Later in life, I lived in a rural county full of abandoned houses, my exploring days by then had come to an end. That county was great for antique finds though. I found these videos of these people exploring abandoned houses full of stuff interesting though, like seeing little frozen periods of time. One wonders what happened to the people who simply left the homes. A lot of the houses are a mess, but he makes many interesting finds in them from antique pianos to glass bottles.


  1. Really loved this. So interesting. Thanks for posting.

  2. there is a tiny abandoned house, like a shack, all boarded up(so homeless won't take it over,they are everywhere here) and a big apple tree outdoors.Usually the apples just rot,but this time I found someone trying to find some good fallen ones.The old guy, a door over, has a home on his back lot, but there is a front tree that has apples all the time, every year, and they just rott!!Everyone here is supposed to be starving, but no one ever asks him if they can pick them!!Go figure out people!!