Thursday, December 1, 2016

Why Isn't He Fat From Being Unable to Move?

Why isn't he fat from being unable to move?

Maybe he needs to get up and do his 30 minutes of exercise...

Oh yeah sometimes people have health problems....

I mean if moving enough will fix everything, he should be one of the fattest people on the planet being stuck there in his wheelchair.  I get scared of not being able to walk, it keeps me moving around, I know I'd be a thousand pounds within seconds if I ever got wheelchair bound. Why do you think I learned to "take the pain"? After I am on here, I'm taking the bus to the library and downtown to move around some. I have to.

Oh and I've been eating far far less. I have even lost interest in food to a degree, I am picky, I hate a lot of food the food pantries give us and just have no taste for it. Am I losing weight? Not that I can tell.

Anyhow that is a lie that all fat people are lazy. How do you explain all those overweight blue collar workers on their feet at factories or doing plumbing or construction work?

It sounds like his computer voice has changed. I read on a conspiracy website once, it made me laugh that Stephen Hawking was a fake and some disabled guy they got off the street to spout off whatever they wanted him too.  This video almost makes their theory believable. Watching this video, I know a physicist wouldn't know all the ins and outs of medical science, but why can't he take things deeper and ask questions like...

1. Why are people choosing sloth or being less physically active?  For most human history physical activity has been a joy, work was productive, people LIKE moving. Who wants to lay around? What is making human beings more lazy? Depression? Stress of  a sick modern society?

2. Why are people eating supposedly more? Hmm he must not have seen that study I found where they found caloric intake actually had come down. He doesn't even question the hunger cues and why those are skewed. What is getting people to eat too much?

Aren't scientists supposed to ask questions? Why are those two basic ones ignored?

Cortisol? Endocrine problems? Hmm he is just spouting propaganda. You can harangue people night and day to eat less and move more. It's the failed "answer" of 40 years. It's not working on my body and never has. Stephen Hawking has failed us.  He's a bad scientist with this one.


  1. Soon I plan to communicate with the outside word with a computer like his and wearing a yard stick taped to the side of my head allowing me to "peck" at the page like a bird.

    1. LOL it may come to that. With me. I almost need a tele-type or a modern machine to Close Caption what everyone says to me. Some guy is actually working on that as an invention. Hurry up fella I need it. Well some conversation is still possible but I get lost a lot and everyone thinks I am slow, but I am trying to piece together communication out of every other word or less and a lot of garble.

    2. I need one of those float suits the ugly guy on Dune wears. Just float around, it would be easier then bumbling around on a walker. I always drop things, which drives people crazy watching me. People don't realize I can walk without the walker but it's to keep me from falling over {its the Aspergers and balance and mix of things}

  2. That is a good question! Could be that he does'nt get all the chemicals etc from our food supply (I'm guessing he's fed through a tube)
    But that does'nt explain the lack of exercise part.
    I also think that some people won't ever get obese no matter what they do or don't do.

    1. I think he can eat, but maybe has nurses feed him pureed food. A tube is possible though. He doesn't exercise though just sits there or lays there. I find it odd that this guy can travel around and be photographed everywhere, the conspiracy people are right to ask questions. I am walker bound and on a good day with good weather can barely handle 2-3 hours out, so how does he get flown everywhere and photographed and time for endless conferences and videos to be made without dying of lack of stamina and exhaustion? I just went on the bus to the library [1 hour wait--Mr. Dial A Ride I think had a bunch of calls to keep people out of the rain, and 20 minutes back, 1 hour in the library screwing around looking at magazines and books for me, and I was ready to collapse into bed, so how can his ALS or whatever he has allow him to be going all over the place? I get the feeling he is someone who never would get obese. I mean unless they are feed tubing him low calories on purpose why isn't he gaining? I wonder if ALS creates weight loss, let me look it up:

      "Research suggests that they can become “hypermetabolic,” burning calories at a faster rate than normal, at some stages of the disease process. And cells in their intestines may be affected by the disease, making it harder for them to extract energy and nutrients from food."

      It does. This makes his video even more offensive to me as I am diagnosed with a rare fat disorder and THREE other conditions that create weight gain.

    2. "I also think that some people won't ever get obese no matter what they do or don't do."

      I'm with you on that one. For most of my adult life I was super skinny. Skinny to the point that people thought I was on crack. Didn't matter what I ate or did. I looked like a toothpick with boobs.

      Then in my thirties, I started taking medication for my ptsd and anxiety. I quickly gained 100 pounds. Ten years later, here I am averaging right around 210ish no matter what I do. I could eat a whole pie 3 times a day or I could eat a small salad. 210. My physical activity (except for daily yoga) varies with the weather - 210.

    3. As you can see his disease makes him thin and even changes the intestines and there he is judging and ignoring how many people are getting fat. Psychotropics worry me, I understand why people need them, but why do they fatten everyone up? Why are they inventing them that way? It worries me. One woman I knew who was very nice woman, she was going into super obesity from these drugs and I never saw her eat ever. I almost wanted to say obesity is worse, wait stop! I think unless one is being made completely non-functional or can't stay out of the mental hospital avoid those drugs, they destroy lives even via obesity. I knew one other woman who went on depression meds and went from a normal weight to the mid 300s. I believe you about the 100lbs. Your set point was probably adjusted to 210 by the drugs. I believe beyond Lipedema and hormonal, the use of steroids to save my life multiple times from the lungs [heavy predisone packs which had me gain 75lbs within a month at least twice] also dest4royed my set point and then years of steroid inhalers. I went off all steroids even against doctor's orders and that was panic attack fun even from constant breathing problems. I was forced back on a steroid inhaler for some years [I'm pseduo Cushings even off them] and then got to go off again until the miracle of Brovana.

      I never could go on depression meds and others. [Yeah probably needed them] But in my case, 50-100lbs means game over, no more walking. Doctors didn't argue with me too much over this point.

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    1. I agree. It's a crock. It's just more putting down fat people.