Saturday, December 10, 2016

King of Chicken Legs

These videos are fascinating to me. Maybe because they show a cooperative village in India and the way of life is so different? I know he's not cooking the 100 chicken legs for himself and the other man, he's cooking them for the whole village but they are eating their 2-3 chicken legs and rice before dishing them out to the rest of the village. I like Indian food, it's spicy though I can't afford to eat it too often. It's something cheaper to buy at a restaurant then to collect all the spices for to make at home. They seem like happier and relaxed people though their life is far more primitive. Where do all those dishes get washed?


  1. It's a zero sum game.For some one else to get a chicken leg he has to give one away. And that ain't happening. Not in this country.

    1. Yeah definitely not in this country. So wonder they seem happier and closer there. This place the competition is even with your "fambily".

  2. I used to use examples like this to illustrate my mothers insanity. I would marvel at how if she had 10 billion of something and you had just the one she would sit across the room seething in anger at the injustice while she hatched a plan to get the one you have back.