Saturday, December 17, 2016

The 7 Fattest Women in the World

 Watch this video and notice the swelling body parts especially in those who have one leg much bigger then the other.  Most look like they have failed lymph systems and some definitely like they have undiagnosed Lipedema. According to this video, I was one of the fattest women in the world when I hit my peak weight which is probably true. I was near 700lbs. The feedees definitely need some mental help in "wanting" to be severely obese. I know Mayla Rosales was diagnosed with severe Lipedema, and she had multiple intense surgeries including specialized liposuction to lose weight. Carol Yager looks far smaller on top then the bottom which could be a marker for Lipedema but I remember when she was on various talk shows back in the 1990s trying to save her life.

  How Much Severe Obesity is Actually Swollen with Fluids?

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