Monday, November 24, 2014

Remember When There was NO Internet?

Cartoon by Roz Chast.

Yes there was a time before the Internet, I remember those days. It is good the internet did not exist when I was in college and in high school, I would have flunked out! We had a small bulletin board on our computers in college and my hours on that added up. How is the internet changing everyone's life? Maybe we are living life via screens too much. This is where I get those dreams of getting in the time machine but the access to information is so much greater. No more fumbling through phone books, up to the minute weather reports. Now we can find the friends we had when we were 12. I think of the days before the internet and how very different they were.


  1. I absolutely love Roz Chast! I even used her "Narcissist Cards" cartoon in one of my posts (I think you did too). We also both love Peanuts! (I had all the books as a kid).
    I have no idea where I would be without the Internet. It saved my life, seriously. Without it, so many of us would have no one!

  2. I love her too, great cartoons. I think I did use the Narcissist cards years ago, that one was hilarious. I have a collection of old Peanuts books, a friend gave me. Love that comic too. Oh it's good I have the internet too, definitely. I have my local friends but its a big part of my life. I've met great friends on here as well.