Friday, November 21, 2014

The Weight Loss Industry is NOT the Lippy's Friend

The diet industrial complex works against those of us with lipedema.  In the Cushings world alone, I faced this refusal to diagnose, investigate or let the mainstream know about the disease. The diet industrial complex not only affects the spreading of knowledge about rare and common disorders, they impact the research and treatment too. Does that explain why people with both Cushings and Lipedema [and add PCOS] to this stewpot as well, wait so long for diagnosis?

The diet industrial complex are not allies but will block the attention, help and medical research we need so much for lipedema. 

Think about why this disease is not nationally known? Sure it is considered rare but why are there only so few experts and in only hard to reach areas? There is one doctor known as an expert and who does done very good research but she lives in an area that is not accessible for most of the country most of all mobility and often economically challenged lipedemics. Truth is blocked about obesity and I would say they do not want people to know about this condition or others that also are a part of obesity because it may cut into their profit margins. No, the diet industry and its related organizations are NOT our friends!!
One thing I noticed in the Cushings world, is there was the few experts in far flung places and little information too. I noticed the pattern that when it came to obesity related diseases, that diagnosis came at great expense, time, trouble and extreme turmoil to many patients in the Cushings world, and sadly this applies to those in the Lipedeme world. How else does that explain my 17 years waiting to get diagnosed shooting up from still functional stage 1 in my teens to today's stage IV with its problems of immobility and extreme weight? If the focus had been on doctors BELIEVING ME and INVESTIGATING things instead of losing weight at all costs, I could have had this disorder arrested at a far earlier stage. This isn't even bringing in all the damage the hormonal diseases brought me. How many young girls are facing this now?
By the way I am trying to suppress my calories, but losing very little weight. Very little. It is always better to go down then up or at least not gain. Some water weight still comes to visit making the jumps and my treatments help with some of that as I struggle to keep it at a base line.
I do not believe any obesity organization that is financed or influenced or run by weight loss surgery doctors, and their supporters is going to be non-biased when it comes to obesity. Sad to say outside the size acceptance world that is most of them. 
 Take a look at the Obesity Action Coalition website, this is a large organization that advocates for obesity.  Notice how they list all the failed methods? "Commercial weight loss"? You mean like Jenny Craig and pals? Adkins? Are any of them admitting they fail yet? Weight loss surgery costs as much as a small house in a rural town. It's a money-maker. Behavior modification? 

Could this have something to do with those on the board and those who help finance this group? Look at the Chairman's Council and count the number of weight loss surgery folks.

Double-click on both pictures to make either picture larger. 
Here's another Obesity group, The Obesity Society,  they seem like they have a wide range of scientists but can you tell, the bariatric surgeons are there too, influencing things:

Weight loss surgery as I have written failed for so many of my friends. Some of whom lost their lives. I do not blame anyone who has taken this spin of the roulette wheel for a happier life, but to be frank as I have written before, they couldn't have chose a more torturous method to get people to lose weight if they tried. The water-boarders pale behind the stomach staplers. 

"Sadists couldn't have come up with a worse solution for fat people. Take it from me the digestive system when it doesn't work right, is not pretty, and even sicker that is among all the false expectations, their trying to turn fat people into thin ones via induced illness just makes me sick. From what I can tell, those who survive the surgery itself, and live, manage one or two years, lose about a third of the weight, and then regain it all back or nearly all of it, 5 years down the road. Of course when these people go back to the doctors to say "my surgery failed", they will be blamed and told they "out-ate" their surgery."

I was on Pub Med some years ago and noticed just about all research was poured into weight loss surgery instead of more intense issues of this disease, metabolism and other issues regarding obesity.  I wrote about this on this blog:

"From that article I wrote: "I searched for studies citing "super-obesity" and got 293 hits on Pubmed. Over 200 [I counted 203] are weight loss surgery related! There are some mice studies on metabolism thrown in, sociological studies regarding fast food poor people and children, affect of conditions and medical procedures on the superobese--the ill effectsfrom all the weight loss surgery--the cart these researchers seem to have put all their eggs in are scary enough, but really few studies on how they came to be that way in the first place!

Sorry guys, I see a total bias in that!"

I doubt thing's have gotten much different since then. 
Some exceptions existed but to be frank the profit motives are diverting real research in too many areas. 
I spent 17 years after my huge weight gain in extreme pain and suffering, given false promises of weight loss and this almost cost me my life due to infections. The diet industry almost led to me dying, as it told me to suppress calories to 'save my life' with answers that simply did not work. Lippys need people willing to work outside the diet industry paradigms and it's lies for the betterment of our lives. People willing to think outside the box not constantly steering us to answers that do not work. Too many are suffering following diets that do not work, being blamed for it not working.  Being told it is their fault. Just about every lippy can attest to that. There is also the push for conformity meaning that those with our body types are even more discriminated against. 
It has not escaped my notice that every obesity related condition is treated like this. Why does just about every "official" or mainstream obesity organization have weight loss surgery influences? How are even basic questions going to be asked, if they are standing there with their hand up trying to sell their miserable product? Let's NOT talk about failing lymph systems or toxins, or 40% of the population getting fat but about weight loss surgery and behavior modification. 
I almost lost my life being told to lose weight, and spent 17 years in needless pain due to obesity bias. Lipedema to be treated in the best way, needs set free from the diet industrial complex. We need thinkers who will think outside the box in the best way to help us, to realize the true endocrine and other issues that lie behind lipedema. Also we need new ways of doing things so lippy's can avoid the discrimination that kept them from being diagnosed in the first place. 

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