Saturday, November 22, 2014

This Warmed My Heart

Lucky Otter posted some thanks to me. I appreciated this very much. She has a lot of great articles and wonderful insights on her blog. Much of our stories overlap too outside of my weight issues!

Three People Who Deserve My Thanks

I am very happy I was able to inspire someone else to begin a blog. :)


  1. Hey Peep, thanks so much for this sweet post, I'm glad it warmed your heart, but your posts are always such a great comfort to me too, plus you're a phenominal writer. Don't ever stop blogging! we need you! I'm so happy you are enjoying my blog too. --Lucky Otter

  2. Thanks :) Your posts help me in the same way too--I have more to write later on the one you posted today and thanks for saying I am a great writer.