Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Favorite Song When I was 12

I listened to this song every day for a year when I was 12 years old. One time I knew the lyrics by heart and wrote them all over my notebook and would sing it to myself.

All of us complained about school, but I think my love for this song rested, with my trouble with my narcissist parents. I loved the line, "We don't need no thought control" and even thought to myself "I refuse all thought control".   Today I don't listen to Pink Floyd so much, but they had some truths sprinkled in their songs. Today's Common Core-"teach by the test" education is not to produce individuals but bricks in the societal wall.

When it came to my parents, I was just "Another brick in the wall" in their eyes. Women who saw children as possessions, lined up as if in a catalogue, little braids, look perfect, don't be too weird, and fit in and you'll be loved as the cog that fits into the wheel of the "perfect family". Some of us escape being just "Another Brick in the Wall".


  1. First of all -- greetings, fellow budgies and peeps (a/k/a birds)!

    Second: For an insightful commentary about the power of a song, read this account of the South African apartheid-era regime's decision to ban "Another Brick" in 1980 after it started cutting just a little TOO close to the bone:

    1. Greetings, Peep's Husband. It's wonderful to see such loving support for my fellow ACON. I wish all the spouses (mine) could be that way.

      Anyway, thank you, you have shown me there can be hope. :)

    2. Thanks for the link, :) Thanks Joan too. He has been very supportive to me. He reads this blog, and all the articles. He may comment on some longer articles and family ones soon.

    3. Factoid of the day: The kids singing in the video weren't the same as on the album, since the latter weren't members of Actors Equity.

    4. Thanks Anon, that is interesting. I wonder if the kids who sang felt gypped?