Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Go on News Breaks!

Incidental Comics


  1. Yep. I agree. However, the last time I did that, someone phoned to tell me the twin towers had fallen... I've been driven crazy by the need for news ever since... Gotta take a break. -- Lora

  2. The world got crazier after 9-11. 9-11 woke me up too out of my stupor about how this world is really run and the lies they tell.


    I read a lot more news after it too. I avoid the network news, except maybe occasional CNN and C-span, because it is so full of propaganda, I don't have enough barf bags. CNN is limited too of course.

  3. Hi Peep. We're on the same page (reading the 'other' news). That event sure did open up opportunities for "change" and not positive change. I like your barf bag comment; my hair feels like it's on fire when I hear absolute baloney passing for in-depth reporting. We have to keep an eye on things so we can zig if possible when the big boys zag. I still turn up some music when I can just to block it all out though. This post was a good reminder. :*) -- Lora

  4. Hey Lora I am glad we are on the same page. Some freak out when you tell them the truth about 9-11. I hope more people are waking up. Yeah it sure opened the doorway wide for the false change and hope people. LOL about barf bag, me too with the hair. Trying to keep up with them is difficult, I pray to God to show me answers on things, but they have grown more determined in their oppression of people haven't they. Yes we need a break as much as possible.

  5. Oppression is so polite. "They" want to work us into the ground, then they want our stuff and then they want us dead. I don't kid myself anymore ever about them (those currently directing things) being the ultimate malignant narcs and we are in big trouble. When you write about what you write about, I eat it up. All the stories you tell are clear examples of systems, large and small that need to take and never give and make it the decent person's fault for being taken. Their minds aren't sick, they work just fine, against everybody else. All is a game and we don't have the rule book, but they'll beat us over the head with their rules. I'm rambling, but I've been wanting to say to you, I am so grateful to have found your site and seek out your posts as very valuable pieces of the puzzle of life. Thank you so much, Peep. -- Lora

    1. Yes oppression looks nice on the face of it. They heat up the pot slowly so the frog doesn't know it is boiling. I agree they want to work people into the ground, want their money and stuff and then dead. We are in the till clean-out days right now. Thanks I am glad get that out of my writing, I do see myself as exposing the multiple systems of a corrupt and wicked society, it started with obesity but has expanded out. Corruption means the decent people are taken and then blamed for being so "naïve" [aka nice and trusting people with consciences] One saying a friend of mine has is the "rulers make the rules". Sure we have laws that makes sense on the books we should followed but I am talking about even the unwritten stuff they use to bash people over the head with. Thanks for your kind words Lora :)