Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Great Narc Take-Over


One thing I have pondered is how society is growing more narcissistic. I have ideals that are even outside of my religious ones, that I am realizing are growing more rare, in today's world. Why are the wolves taking over? Why is it getting harder to function in society? Why does altruism seem to be growing more rare. Why do so many people who rise to the top seem to be either connected or always the meanest sharks with the biggest teeth in the swimming pool of America? What ever happened to friendship, love and altruism? In the "selfie" society everything is about appearances!

The narcs are ruling here more and more. The Bible says in the last days that

Matt 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

It sure feels like those days are now.

One thing I notice in any group, is the narcissists always get their way. I have seen it happen in my family, offices, clubs, health groups, Internet support groups, and a multitude of other places. How does this happen? The way often group dynamics work among humans is the meanest ones, get the most respect. All a narcissists has to do is instill enough fear, and they have plenty of sycophantic minions, enablers and flying monkeys to do their bidding. I have noticed almost all groups if a narcissist is in the midst that MOST will submit to them. Why?

Human dynamics suck, there is a reason we get a bunch of evil sociopathic scum running the world, who bring in wars, and endless destruction. I think a sociologist should explore the issue of why do humans love and worship the most evil? Why do the most evil always climb to the top of the pyramid?

How come there wasn't one person in my family who ever defended me? One relative told me the Aunt that Loved me, called out the extreme favoritism of my mother for my sister, but with the exception of her and my brother standing a little against my fat abuse, there was nothing. I was left alone and isolated. The narcs convinced everyone to have as little to do with me as possible.

One recent thing for me is I have not officially "unfriended" or gone no contact with the few left in the family, but I am not talking to them. I have nothing to say. I have not called for weeks. Right now I'm trying to make up my mind about two birthday cards for younger nephews, they never write me or send me a card. The days of kids being told to write their old aunt a letter out of politeness sake are over with. I barely know them.  I worry about those kids because they are being raised on a diet of nothing but video games. I even joined "Steam" one of their video game forums which kept crashing my computer because I don't have a special gaming computer to try and talk to them to no avail. Hopefully their public schools will teach them something useful in life.

 I hid everything on my Facebook from the few remaining relatives.  I knew it was getting back to my mother and she had a constant information source. Cousins defend and visit my abusers, my mother and her brother. My brother I already wrote about. My nephew refuses to write back or any contact. My niece wouldn't even let me see her Instagram account she told me about. Her letters were written extremely stilted and even there I wondered if my sister was reading and editing them. She is 14 years old but seems unable to figure out the ease of setting up an email account of her own. You know something is wrong when you ask direct questions and get no answers. These weren't crazy questions either, I never brought up my no contact with her or told her about the other relatives, just simple ones.  Why am I bothering? It just isn't worth it.

I sat back and realized I am a stranger to my family. I didn't choose this, but they did. This is something I have to admit in my letting go process, these people don't know me and didn't want to. The narcs set this into motion. Yes sometimes I stand back and think, "How did this happen?" "How did I lose so badly?", "How did the narcs turn everyone against me so effectively? I am sure this is something ACONs all relate to. I know now I can't take the disrespect and disloyalty anymore. I did for years putting up with it. I suppose it's odd to choose to be alone, but I got tired. Tired of trying so hard even with the ones I considered the "nice" ones.

The worse thing is how they silence you, especially for an Aspie where the social rules are tougher, and you go silent afraid to say the wrong thing but then wondering if the silence worsened things for you? Did I say too much? Did I say too little? I realized even with the few I opened up to, it made not a whit of a difference.

But then what do you do when everything you say is twisted and turned against you. One thing about Aspergers, I believe narcissists have it out for Aspies. We are often bullied by them. We are not as submissive and followers to group dynamics and it pisses them off. An Aspie who has had to float their own boat for years, is an annoyance to a narc. I don't feel like obeying the narcs for social ease. This gets me in trouble in endless groups.

Things flow fine if there are no narcs in a group or club. My present church seems narc-free thank God, and my old one was too. My time with these folks is joyful, however if a narc is in a room, Aspie watch out. Narcs like to pick on those they see as the weakest and most vulnerable. The way their twisted brains work, is they seek to find out who is the "weakest link" and they go after them to gain power. Sadly this seems to work far too often. They go after those they consider vulnerable, the sickest, the Aspie, etc. Narcissists are like the head chicken telling every other chicken in the chicken yard to peck at the scapegoat. They get others to join in but many others scurry to the sidelines not wanting to be the next target and the Narc has attained power via fear. One thing about me as a personality, is I have always defended the underdogs and this angers the narcs. This often makes me a target but not something I plan to change.

Think about today's work-world. Why are so many places back-stab factories? In the old days, if you showed up, did your work and were peaceful, things were fine, now people lose their livilehoods at the behest of narcs. Now if they "don't like you", they kick you to the curb into welfare and starvation. My husband worked a job for 5 years but sadly a sociopathic narc came in to run the business, and he got rid of him within a year. He laid in wait for him to make ONE mistake, in a newspaper article. If you are going to write 100s of newspaper articles a year, there is bound to be a mistake, if you are a human being and not a machine. This man fired others, destroying untold lives including firing one woman in a day, he decided he "did not like", who had uprooted her life to move to our town. He did not care about firing a man who had to do caretaking for a disabled wife, and seeking to destroy his life. The sick thing is he made a big production of being a Christian. The man was no Christian.

How many work organizations are being destroyed by narcissists now? Innovation and production will not increase under them. Most of the narcs will clean the place out and cook the books, so they look good. This may be one thing that describes why the American economy is failing. Too many narcs, too much destruction and no one can get any work done. It seriously worries how the nicest people seem to be the poorest now and left out of the running in the work a day world.  I think it should be illegal to fire someone simply because a sick twisted boss "doesn't like" someone who has worked a job successful for years, and is not insubordinate and the business isn't going out of business. Of course as they pass horrible laws like the "right to work", really the "right to be fired and unemployed", the narcissists grow in power. Too many narcs become bosses and are true incompetents using scapegoats to carry the blame as they destroy businesses. The boss who fired my husband, ran the newspaper into the ground and was fired himself eventually when the bottom line sunk too low.

I have had a life where I have seen the narcissists never lose a job or suffer a bout of unemployment. They all ended up wealthy with money enough for condos and second homes in Florida, and endless decorations, vacations and eating out. Being crushed by health care bills or even taxes somehow didn't seem to be part of their world. The narcissists know how to play the system, not get caught and know how to scoop up the profits. The Bible talks about in Psalm 73 how the wicked will prosper. This doesn't mean every rich person is a narc or evil, but there are some who are, and they are doing big money clean-outs. The bankers with their bail-outs and politicians, what is the percentage of narcs and sociopaths in that world? I've read 10% of Wall-street bankers are sociopaths before, I find such a stat totally believable.

In our society of celebrity, the narcissists have a whole world stage upon which to play. They desire for the world to revolve around them and to have constant attention. Many of the celebrities that Americans worship are full blown narcissists. You see one every now and then who really loves acting and where it is a craft, but many simply are the most successful at getting attention and are connected. While not everyone can be world famous, one can see that narcissists DO get the most attention even on smaller levels. They suck up notice like sponge. They are bored by others, and say "What about me?" In our society however the way competition works, now where achievement is more about getting attention more then actually DOING something, many of the narcissists are experts at getting attention. The sell-yourself and NETWORK society threw open the door WIDE for the narcissists and self-absorbed to take power and they did. They are the ones who have the known names, they are the ones everyone is seeking to please because they are the one up on stage. Their faces are everywhere, and yours is not.

In a society where close social ties have broken and where there is constant moving, that helped the narcissists too. When people lived in the same town all their lives and knew folks, narcissists had it harder. Screw enough people over and many would talk and learn to avoid you. However in a society where the crowds are larger, and there's always a group of new "suckers" to be had for the narcissist, they are harder to detect and can pull off more antics. Small town gossip is no longer a curb on their behaviors. They are lost in the big city always with a new supply of victims. Their lies are easier to hide in a group of unconnected people or a bigger community.

Piss off a narc enough, via disagreeing with them, and they will go on their smear campaigns. They will make up endless lies about you. Most of their lives are based on lies. They lie about themselves too. Most do not see through their lies. To get a narc angry at you, you don't even have to get in an actual debate with one. Merely disagreeing with a narc in a polite fashion is enough for one to become your arch-enemy for life. Remember when people could have different ideas and not hate each others guts? Those days are over with now too. Their reaction is way beyond the original dispute. They will try to color you as bad as they can. "You attacked me, you are vicious!" they will shout in their classic ploys of projection. One thing about narcissists, is they project on you, what they are doing! So when one screams, "You are a liar!", they are lying their butts off.

 They want constant admiration and if you do not provide this, they will hate your guts. Before I went no contact, I disagreed with my mother about something in front of other family members, she started shrieking about her "respect" and "how dare I". I thought to myself I am old enough to be a grandmother and still being browbeaten by this woman? I thought no more. One sick narc I encountered was so extreme, she wrote on Facebook, that no one was allowed to disagree with her on her wall lest she would ban them. That's not friendship but a committee of "yes men and women". but she gathers them and quite easily too. Conditional friendship based on propping someone up. One can see narcissists making crazy rules all over the place, one thing they want to police constantly is speech. I see narcissism in the bad politics of America. Narcissism and wickedness is what is driving the police state and desire for control and silencing.

  Even if you retreat in realizing they are a sociopath with no human empathy, they are hell-bent for revenge and destruction behind the scenes. People will unfriend you and stop talking to you, and you won't even know why. They will go after your friends well just because they are your friends. My narcissistic mother hated all my friends even ones she never met. Why? She was angry at them merely for being my friend. My mother managed to destroy even what should be the strongest of family bonds.

 In the minds of reprobate narcs daring to challenge them on anything makes you a non-person. Instead of defending their ideas, they will attack the person. They will tell others long litanies of everything that is wrong with you and do endless smear campaigns. After I went no contact I realized how complete and utterly poisonous my mother's smear campaigns had  This is how they work, to vilify rather then to defend or stand on any principles. Narcissists and their minions sell out at the drop of a hat. If cash is involved they would sell their grandmother down the river. They go where the profit is at and ideals such as goodness, honor and integrity don't matter.  In America, those became old-fashioned ideals are meant to be cast aside among the Lady Gaga worshippers. We have seen the great sell-out continue. This is one reason things are growing more corrupt in our country. The Great Narc take-over. They do not care about what is good anymore but seek their own elevation and profit.

In a society where people have been trained to worship bare naked power, and where the whole premise is king and queen of the mountain antics, the narcissists have been emboldened even more so. Their power is growing. Their meanness is growing. The people who have given in to them and the flying monkeys lacking moral standing themselves have given them more of a place. One thing they can and do use is fear. No one wants to be their next target, so even the people who may know what they are, hide in the shadows. Fear keeps them on top. Fear and active destruction of people's lives, keeps all the others in line. I realized to my horror, people absolutely feared my mother. I wrote in my NC letter to her,  "why should I fear a narcissistic woman, when I almost got shot by gangbangers at my last job?".  Aunt Scapegoat and Aunt Confused shivered in their boots before my mother. In my family I am not considered brave for being the only one who has ever stood against her but crazy!

That is one thing I notice about the narcissists is everyone is afraid of them. This fear has some reason to exist. Many narcissists will destroy your name and reputation but the ones higher on the sociopath scale, won't let any human laws hold them back. This is why no contact is recommended, "winning with narcs" in this world doesn't happen. They aren't playing by the same rules. When I see a narc in my midst now, I know now to separate as much as possible.

Often they are the ones with the money and power, and to stand against one can bring great sacrifice. Many will dirty the names of the one's who do make stand. I believe in standing with God behind my back and no succumbing to wicked narcs.


  1. There is so, so much to absorb from this outstanding piece. I agree with every word of it. Shoot, I've lived most of it, both work and 'family'. A recurring theme I noticed throughout was FEAR. Fear, fear, fear. Speaking for myself, I cannot stand it if I believe I've offended someone, or worse, did or say something stupid to make one afraid of me. I used to supervise around 20 workers, all making lower class wages, and if I ever felt as if I said or did something to cause fear in them, I was horrified with myself. I was, and still am extremely sensitive to this. And I think this is normal. Any normal man or woman in touch with their conscience would feel this way. I may want my subordinates to respect me, but fear is another story. Not so the narc. I am so convinced that malignant narcissists literally feed on people fearing them. They love it. They get off on it. And as you wrote, narcs that get a rush out of people being afraid of them have no problem finding followers. Lots and lots of followers (especially in DNA relations). I wish I could say I completely understood this phenomena, but I don't. Not even remotely. But it exists, right before my eyes. I apologize for repeating your words :-) I love you in Christ Peep. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your love and wisdom with us.

    1. Thanks Smakintosh. Yes I have lived it too. Sadly the workplace is run on fear with the threat of poverty if you say or do the wrong thing especially to a narc. I was reading this recent article where they said depression is from inflammation of the brain, and I thought what else is going to happen in such a toxic society. if you do nothing but beat down on people, keep them in fear and seek to crush them what else will happen? So wonder the level of depression have skyrocketed!

      I am glad you were a good supervisor and did not like so many rule by fear or meanness. I think that is normal too. We are living in wicked times where sadly people are waxing cold and with no conscience so many businesses are being run by mean people instead.

      I think the malignant narcs love people being afraid of them. They love this stuff. I know my mother and father did. They used fear and intimidation to rule over us. They have no problem finding followers no siree. If anything people who are detached from God, seem to have this love for worshipping raw naked power or what they see as such. I don't understand it either, it may be something I study and try to see what others have written on. It may explain the control narcs have our society. Love you in Christ too, and thanks for your kind words smakintosh.

  2. This is such a validating piece for me. I've been feeling so validated lately, its so good.

    Why do you FEEL you have/need/want to give a card to your niece and nephew? I'm not saying that you shouldn't but if I were you I would explore those feelings..That would be a gift for you, to know why. I go on about feelings so much, its been helpful for me.

    The reason I call this post validating because it helped me to remember the time when my current husband and I were just dating. I used to drive myself over to see him. This wasn't keeping in standard of what I thought I should be doing this early in the relationship, I always felt it was the man's job to do that part, but I did it to escape my mother and sister. I gave them permission to call me here and they left the most evil, name calling messages you can think of. Imagine what my new man must have thought of me. Plus too, with me driving out to see him, what kind of message he would have got of me. That's the fear that narcs hold. They will tarnish you horribly. That's the issue with narcs, the power they have over people, who are even unwilling.

    Oh we worked our way through that stuff. It had took some time. But he was treating me very low value and didn't say very nice things to me himself. I accepted this as a payment for his safety he was giving me. Lol imagine that. He wasn't doing these mean things to me logically, he was going by his feelings. He didn't think too highly of me. But no kidding, I must have seemed like trash.

    But we have worked our way through so much now. I had to be understanding and well we got through.

    Oh I know I just made him sound like an ass, I can't figure out how to word this. And he is not an ass. He's actually wonderful to me. He couldn't even come out to see me, I would be always running to him. That's what tarnishing a reputation does though.

    Not saying that you can't hold those people accountable for their behaviour from fear. We have to get through the pain of it part. They are unwilling. Even though the rewards, and gifts are tremendous. I know it has been for me.

    1. Thanks Joan S.

      Yes I am wondering about the cards to the nephews. They are 10 and 13. I suppose part of me thinks maybe in the future they will have something to do with me, but then part of me realizes the futility of it all with the narcs about. I am strangers to them. I realized this even as I was trying to talk to them on their video game website. They simply do not know me or me them, and it is the same with my sister's children. The narcs made sure I wasn't around. My mother and sister colluded to make visits as rare as possible especially as I got older. I never got time on my own with any of them.

      I've entered this mode of not wanting to try anymore. There is sadness sending cards you know will never be responded to. I even have handmade cards to send to them all. I know I wont be sending anything to the one nephew who is older and refused to befriend me on Facebook or even write an email. I know as a kid, I would write letters back to uncles and aunts who sent me a card and didn't have to be forced. Even Aunt Scapegoat and I exchanged letters before that relationship was destroyed.

      So thank you for pointing out visiting my feelings about sending a card to them. I think it is about imagining a relationship that could be rather then is actually there, but if I am just sending cards out to the ether with never a response, why am I bothering?

      I agree with dating, if the woman does all the work, it says something to the man. I remember warning this one friend, why are you doing all the work on the single ad dates, let them come to you. She wasn't going to get quality men running after them.

      This applies here doesnt it too. Why run after these folks? It's running to empty wells. I suppose I had this dream that there would be another "rebel" in the family to ally with, but since I probably am not biologically related to these folks, there is no one like me. The young are all parent-obedient to a point I couldn't even imagine.

      Yes sadly if we go out for people some will see you and use you as trash. They tell people don't be co dependent. Sadly in our narcissistic society being nice or the giver often means now you are seen as someone to abuse.

      I had someone tell me not to hold Aunt Scapegoat accountable. I told them I am, I paid big time for her cowardice, she grew the power of the narcs.

    2. I can honestly and shamefully say, I can understand the situation. I used to be taught that dad's sisters were crazy. That mother's brother's wives were all crazy, anyone mother didn't like was crazy. Those kids will need to grow their own brain someday.

      Your Aunt Scapegoat is a really needy woman, some are like that.

  3. Just have to add that I wasn't looking or needing approval over the "trashy" part. Of course I wasn't trashy, just needing to escape, just PTSD in full force trying to keep me safe. Just the decisions I made back then "looked" bad. Plus being called names in public and in front of my new man.

    Just seeing how the narcs can destroy a reputation and blame you for it is unbelievable. I've seen it happen too many times. Nowadays, I get to live in peace from it.

    That cartoon is funny and too true.

    1. So sorry they tried to destroy your relationship, but this is what they do. My narcs were so bad, I kept all friends and dates away from them. I could not really date at all until I was living away from home because I knew my mother would trash me to any and mock them for dating me in the first place. Yes they destroy reputations. I think the only way to win here is to walk away totally, I've already done the trying to explain and more. With the nephews and nieces they are young. Unless one rebels, and becomes independent minded, and I'm not seeing any of that, it is doomed for failure as well. I just don't feel like putting the work in anymore. Thanks regarding the cartoon.

  4. My philosophy is to stand back and let them all destroy each other. Problem is that the process is painstakingly slow.

    1. Yes it is too slow. Also they glom on to many willing minions don't they? With me out of the picture, I wonder who the new scapegoat will be. Probably my brother.

  5. I have to disagree that most narcs are rich. Narcs can be found in both wealthy and poor circles. The one common denominator is their obsessive need to control others. That is the core issue with narcs, rich or poor. So if it's the wolf of wall street or the wolf of the streets, it doesn't matter. They also are drawn to the "helping" fields too - dr, nurses, therapists, churches, old ladies. The signs I've noted since studying Narc/sociopathy is extreme need to control others, often disguised as a need to "help" you to gain your trust and access to your life and your loved ones just to trash you behind your back to the neighborhood or if the Narc is your mother, to your whole family. The rest is viewing your neighbor or mother "helping" you, and when they gain access to your life, they can now say the most horrible things about you behind your back and you will never know. The only sign is that you will see is in the bizarre reactions reflected back at you by the people you mutually know with the Narc. Peep, you talk about this often with your family. I had this with my Nmom and GC sister, then later with an old lady neighbor who was over the top with her Narcissism so much so my husband and our realitor were freaked out by her, and she was a beloved lady in the community - wife of a retired dr, who donated lots of land to the city. My word, this lady made my life hell, but that's a separate comment.

    My Nm was a daughter of poor immigrants from a large family. If you follow my Nm pregnancies, she got pregnant in conjunction with each of her six sisters, even when she was 42 years old. For attention? Competion? Securing narc supply? That's another sign I see with Narc mothers is a need to have lots of children....Kate Gosslin? Michelle Dugger. I know MD comes off as a saint, but I see narc signs in both she and Jim Bob. But I digress.

    I grew up poor, one of 7 kids in a tiny home. Today, I live in Manhatten in. $6K/month doorman building, and by NYC standards am not rich at all but national standards, perhaps. I dress extremely humbly - sweats and jeans. My husband also grew up very poor too, and that never leaves us. What I would rather have is my FOO into life, have the love and support of a real mother, sister, siblings, caring aunts and uncles for my children. My mother knew how important my FOO was before I woke up to the truth of my situation, and made sure that I was left with no one. So it is not a material issue. I've been on both sides. The heart of the matter is absolute control, or better said absolute power. They go hand-in-hand.

    There was something in you Peep, in me, in fellow ACONS that had us targeted by the Narcs in our life. You are an artist, sensitive, intuitive, authentic, real and they are black
    holes, a vacuum, a false self.

    I was in line at a pizza shop last week and a man walked in and sat behind me. Being that it is a small place, I turned and asked him if he was a cop. Mind you, he had on civilan clothes at the time. He said he was an officer. He proceeded to show me his badge from Los Angeles. How did I know? I just knew it. You have no idea how I leaned on that intuition the last 11 years. I'm a Christian, and trust this is gift of the Holy Spirit, discernment, and take no glory for it. This has literally saved my life a few times. And yes, my creepy NM would say a few times that she feared I will be murdered. Evil Woman.

    1. You are right there are narcs in all social class. My personal experience has tilted way to the side of them having power and money but other bloggers have described the so called "needy" and poor narcs. We know sociopaths exist in all socioeconomic strata. Yes they all want control, the same wolf of Wall Street or the wolf on the street ready to mug you. I agree about narcs in the "helping professions". Watch out for social workers, I met some doozies, there were some helpful ones, but there were the ones who wanted vulnerable people to prey on. I am realizing to what lengths some will do the fake stuff on the surface while trashing. They must appear loving, kind and the rest while they do their damage. This is why I get those fake cards from my mother with the word "love" all over them. This is why Aunt Denial sent me a holiday card, "I am praying for you", funny how religious they all seek to appear to be to me, and didn't invite me to a holiday party my mother was 5 states away from. It's all about appearances for the children and my mother's husband and to fool them too, look we sent that "ungrateful" person a loving card, see they are the problem! I know for a fact when my mother helped my brother--money for lawyer, car repair, etc, I knew about it each and every time and so did my sister because she trashed him without fail for needing the money in the first place. When I got money for car related help years ago, I found out too she was trashing me and got evidence I had been trashed over being disabled for years. So yes they gain "access" and then they use whatever information they have gathered to destroy you in the eyes of other. Any job layoff, health problem, vulnerability, they can twist to make themselves look like angels and you the worse slob who ever walked the earth.

      I remember for years wondering why so many in my family hated me or had pure disgust and disdain for me. Being less socially astute as an Aspie, I took a long time to figure out what was happening. I have realized the depths of her smear campaigns and even the ones who had some cognitive dissonance like my brother who seemed to see a few good things about me always got sucked into her web of lies. Even with the Aunt that loved me, before she died, she was cooling to me and I am sure it had to do with these extensive smear campaigns.

      No relationship was safe where it was mutual with the narc. I even went NC from several family friends for the simple fact they were closer to my mother or well controlled by her. I am sorry you faced these things too. Sorry you had a horrible narc neighbor. I am dealing/dealt with acouple narcs in other places too where the only solution was to get away.

      I wouldn't doubt she got pregnant to compete with her sisters. Attention, competition, having to keep up, narc supply? If one got attention over her for being pregnant, she would be angry. My mother wanted as many kids as her mother but couldn't have anymore. Yes there are the narc mothers who want tons of children. I believe Kate Gosselin is a total narc and was going to post on her soon. Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar are total narcs, one can see who the golden children are in the mix--Josh and Jill and the would be scapegoats--Josiah for sure. The entire show is for one grand gathering of narc supply.


    2. I am glad you escaped poverty, I hope you enjoy life in NYC. I understand money can't replace the lost of a loving FOO. I know perhaps in my poverty I am obsessed a bit with money not that I will sell out for it, but it is related to my abuse from the narcs over being poor and succumbing and being in extreme poverty...I wrote about this on some older posts.

      But you know what I told someone once, I'd rather have had a poor mother who loved me then the one I got stuck with. A life in a trailer with a loving mother rather then a cruel and mean one in a 6 bedroom house on the edge of a country club, would have been far far superior. I saw poor families that loved each other in my old rural country church and elsewhere. I would rather have a real siblings and a sister too who loved me. Cousins who included me in their lives. Yes my mother made sure to take the whole FOO against me. The poor ones too hate me just as much as the rich ones do. You are right it is not a material issue. I am sorry this happened to you. Yes they go after total control and sadly get it. I suspect even with my Aunt Scapegoat recently she has been socked away into a group home or other nursing home, this probably even being hidden from the rest of the family for "appearances" at the behest of my mother and her holding guardianship over her. It is about control. Mine has sought absolute power and sadly gotten it too often.

      I agree there is something in us both and other ACONs where the narcs target us. I think they knew by the time I was 5 years old I saw through their con games and knew they were "bad" people. Mine hated artists, by the way, they would sneer the word "artist". I think I will write about my life in art soon, that would make a good post. Black holes hate people who seek truth and are real. They hate realness itself don't they. We are all victims of that.

      Wow on your intuition, with the plainclothes police officer. Yes I had moments like this. I agree the Holy Spirit will send a Christian discernment. I do think it is different in that we don't seek it and don't seek glory in it. God will warn us of things. I have been warned by God many times. That is creepy about your NM saying that, it shows her dark heart.

  6. I don't have time to write much now (have to go to my soul sucking service job LOL) but PREACH! I can't believe there are so many sheep today who just DON'T GET IT. Everything you said is so true. -- Lucky Otter

    1. Thanks Lucky Otter. Sorry you have to go to your soul sucking job today, I think if they didn't abuse people so much today people could be happy working basic jobs. I know that massively changed over the years. Many sheep do not get it.

  7. Peep, you also might be interested to read this:
    I linked to this article too.-- LO

    1. Hope my answer on your blog doesn't upset you. I have to admit, we have been so job desperate for husband, that sounds like a dream to this household. But I understand someone being young and pursuing other things.